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Acrylic Clear Coat


eneral Description:
ACRYLIC CLEAR COAT is based on acrylic polyols
and poly - functional isocyanates. It is a non –
yellowing clear coat with excellent glossy finish.
Major Uses:
Recommended for car refinishing, steel gates,
external doors, frames, and outdoor furnitures.
Characteristics and Physical





Specific Gravity (200C)


Viscosity (250 C, FC # 4)

19 sec.

Flash Point


Non Volatile (Wt. %)

Base :

46 + / -0.5


Hardener :


Gloss (600)



Application Condition Air Temperature

5 ~ 350C


Relative Humidity



Application Method

Brush or Spray



Acrylic Thinner

Mixing / Dilution




(FC # 4 13 ~ 15 Sec.)



10 – 15%

Pot Life (200C)

24 hrs.


Drying Time (250C)



Dust Free

20 – 25 min.


To Touch

30 – 45 min.


To Recoat

2 – 3




24 – 36 hrs.


Coating Rate

10~ 20 m2 / lit. (50 – 100 gms / m2)


One coat may be sufficient for


ordinary finish, however, one


additional coat cam be


applied if necessary. Light


sanding with 400 ~ 600 mesh


sand paper is recommended


before subsequent coat when recoating time exceeds 3 hours and remove traces of wax.

Recommended Under Coat

Acrylic Primer Sealer

Application Procedure:
The mixture ready for use, can be applied by brush or
spray. Surface to be coated must be free of dirt and
other contaminants. In the remaking of old woods, it is
imperative to remove traces of wax, dirt and other oily
matter to ensure a perfect adhesion of paints. For auto
refinishing topcoat, light sanding on the intermediate
coat is preferred, and let the substrate fully dry prior to
the application of acrylic clear coat.
· Paint should be used within the pot life after
components have been mixed together.
· Never leave drums of Catalyst open.
Keep away from heat and fire. Store in the dark, cool
and dry places. Shelf life up to 12 months in close
Cleaning of Tools:
All tools should be cleaned with Wash Thinner or PU
Thinner # 105 as soon as possible.
Available in 1Usg, 20 lit Pail, 200 lit Drum.
Physiological Hazards:
ACRYLIC CLEAR COAT does not contain dangerous
solvents, nevertheless, good ventilation n working
rooms is recommended as well as the use of safety
tools and equipment. ACRYLIC CLEAR COAT is
flammable and harmful if swallowed. If contact with
eyes or skin occurs, wash well with fresh water and
seek immediate medical advise.


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