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Acrylic Patching Seam Sealer


The ACRYLIC SEAL is a high solids, acrylic
elastomeric sealer designated for use on a variety of
roofing and wall substrates. The ACRYLIC
SEAL exhibits excellent weatherability and ultraviolet
The ACRYLIC SEAL provides waterproofing
protection at seams, fasteners, and penetrations. All
cracks, seams, or penetrations greater than 1/8” must be
reinforced using in a three-course
application. The ACRYLIC SEAL may also be
used to fill small to medium cracks and small spalling
areas on concrete, masonry, or stucco type wall surfaces.
The ACRYLIC SEAL provides a quick, durable
waterproofing seal that is easy to apply. It can be used as
a stand alone sealant or in conjunction with
The Coating Systems.
Application temperature shall be a minimum of 45°F dry
and rising. Protect from freezing during shipment and
storage. Not intended for immersion service over coal
tar, silicone-based products, or below grade. Do not
apply when rain is imminent. Do not apply greater than
50 wet mils.





Weight per Gallon

11.3 ± 0.2 lbs.

Total Solids

68% ± 2%


70,000 cps



Clean Up




Tensile Strength

500 psi ± 50


315% ± 50%


45 Shore A

Impact Resistance

Exceeds 160 in./lb.

Shelf Life

12 months @ 40°-90°F

The ACRYLIC SEAL will cover approximately
50’-75’ at 1/8” thickness, at a width of 4”-6”.
Approximately 25’-40’ when using in a three course
application using reinforcing fabric. Will
encapsulate approximately 150-0 fasteners per gallon.
All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, debris,
grease, oil, loose paint or coating, and rust which could
prevent proper adhesion. All rusted areas must be
primed prior to application of The ACRYLIC
If surface was previously coated, please contact the
us for adhesion check and
surface preparation recommendations.
Apply The ACRYLIC SEAL using brush,
trowel or putty knife. Allow to cure 24-48 hours prior to
the application of The Coating
It is recommended that the coated area be checked on a
regular schedule with additional inspections after the
system has been exposed to severe weather conditions.
Recoating or small area touch up can be made at any
time by following recommended application procedures.
Technical Services
Technical advice or service on suitability of material for
specific application and end-use requirements is available
from the manufacturer. Refer to label and Material Safety
Data Sheet (MSDS) for precautionary information.


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