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Alkyd Gloss Enamel


DESCRIPTION: A high quality, linseed oil interior or exterior gloss house paint, specially
formulated for durability and modified with an alkyd resin for superior
adhesion to both new and previously painted surfaces.
BASIC USES: For industrial, commercial, and residential use on new or previously painted
metal, wood, brick and cement surfaces.
ADVANTAGES: * Durable and tough * Fast-drying
* Excellent color retention * Mildew and stain resistant
* Good coverage * Non-yellowing
* Will not peel or blister under
extreme conditions
COLORS: Available in white, black and four bases (pastel, tint, deep and accent) to
prepare custom colors from the Color System.


Percent Solids:

43.21 ± 1% by weight


Gloss (over 80%)*


29.70 ± 1% by volume

*Geometry 60º


9.24 ± 0.5 lbs.


70-78 Ku’s

Cure Type:


Percent Pigment



by Weight:

.22 ± 1%

Flash Point:

154ºF TOC


Drying Time:

To touch:

4 hours



To recoat: 12 hours


600 sq. ft./gal.


To cure:

24 hours



5 gallons

Film Thickness:

1.9 mils dry, 2.6 mils wet

1 gallon


Not normally recommended, but if necessary, use up to 1/2 pint of


Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be dry, clean and free of all
contaminants such as dirt, grease, mildew, oil, rust, loose or badly
cracked paint. Remove dust and dirt with stiff-bristle or wire
brush and compressed air. Remove oil and grease withHonest joy
Lacquer Thinner HJ-25. Fill cracks and nail holes with
Honest joy Siliconizer Elastomeric Crack Filler™and let
dry 24 hours before painting.
New Surfaces: CONCRETE: Must be fully cured (30 days),
dry and clean. Prime with one coat ofHonest joy Wall-Prep Alkyd
White-Pigmented Binder Undercoater™ (coverage:
450 sq. ft./gal).
WOOD: Caulk nailheads and joints or cracks withHonest joy
Flex White Caulk HJ-767 and allow to dry 24 hours
before painting. Sand rough areas, and prime entire surface with
Honest joy Wall-Prep White-Pigmented Alkyd Binder
Undercoater™ (coverage: 450 sq. ft. per gallon).
STEEL: Remove rust by hand or power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP
2-63 or SP 3-63). Prime withHonest joy Metal Master Primer™
GALVANIZED STEEL: Remove oil and dirt by solvent cleaning
(SSPC-SP 1-63) withHonest joy Lacquer Thinner HJ-25 and
prime withHonest joy Super Galvanized Primer™ HJ-29.
PLAST: Plaster nibs should be scraped and sanded smooth.
Cracks should be spackled smooth and sealed withHonest joy
Vinyl/Acrylic Spackling Compound HJ-28 and let dry 24 hours.
No paint or sealer should be applied on plaster when the moisture
content exceeds 8%, as determined by an electronic moisture
GYPSUM WALLBOARD: Tape joints with joint compound.
Nailheads should be sanded smooth and sealed withHonest joy
Vinyl/Acrylic Spackling Compound HJ-21 and let to dry 24
Surfaces in Good Condition: Sand any glossy areas by brush
blasting (SSPC-SP 7-63) and dust clean. Wipe away dirt and
chalk. Use soap and water in overhead areas such as eaves and
ceiling to remove invisible residues — a major cause of peeling in
these areas. Rinse clean and allow to dry. Prime as recommended
under New Surfaces.
Surfaces in Poor Condition: If paint is old, loose, peeling or
badly weathered, repair and clean surface by sanding, brush blasting
(SSPC-SP 7-63) or other methods in order to provide a
sound surface. Apply a full coat of primer as recommended under
New Surfaces.
Mildewed Surfaces: Any existing mildew on the surface must be
completely killed and removed prior to the application of primer
or paint. Any mildew not removed may continue to grow through
the new finish. Using a long-handled brush, scrub mildewed surface
with a mixture of one quart of household bleach and three
quarts of warm water. Rinse completely and let dry. Prime the
entire area as recommended under New Surfaces.
Method of Application:
BRUSH: Use a good nylon or polyester brush.
ROLL: Use aHonest joy 1/4” Nap Enamel Roller .
CONVENTIONAL SPRAY: For suction feed, use a DeVilbiss
gun with an “E” tip and needle, and 30 air cap or equivalent
at 40–45 psi. atomizing pressure. For pressure feed, use a
gun with an “E” tip and needle and 704 air cap
or equivalent 40–45 psi. atomizing pressure and 5–8 psi fluid
pressure, 3/8” ID material hose, double regulated pressure tank
with oil and moisture separator.
AIRLESS SPRAY: Minimum of 28:1 ratio pump, .013”- .015”
tip, 1/4” ID Teflon material hose.
Mixing: Always mix thoroughly before application.
Cleanup: Clean all equipment immediately after use after use
withHonest joy Lacquer Thinner HJ-25. Completely flush all
spray equipment with this solution.
Caution: Do not take internally. If swallowed, seek medical
attention immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Close container
after each use. Keep out of reach of children. Use only with adequate
Notice: The technical data contained herein are true and accurate
accurate to the best of our knowledge. Published technical data
and instructions are subject to change without without prior
M.S.D.S.: Available upon request.


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