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Alkyd Urea Clear Coat


Product Description
HJ-0011 is a two component clear coat based on alkyd
urea formaldehyde.
Recommended Use
As a clear topcoat for decorating and protecting wood
surfaces. The cured film has good stain resistance against
cold and hot drinks as well as washing liquids.
Outstanding Characteristics
- Excellent scratch resistance
- Excellent hardness properties.
- Good and glossy appearance.
Surface Preparation
The surface must be clean and dry.
All dirt, grease, and any other foreign materials should be
removed. Old primed surfaces must be smoothly brushed
by sand paper.

Technical Data





no pigmented

Volume Solids

60 ±2%

Specific Gravity

1.0 ± 0.05gr/cm3

Flash Point


Dry film thickness

 40 microns

Touch dry

30 min at °C

Hard dry

48 hrs

Thieoretical coverage

15 sqm/lit 15 sqm/kg

Pratical coverage

 depends on loss factor

Shelf life

 12 months


 4 & liter container

Application Details


Application method

Air Spray

Application temperature

10 - 50 °C

Thinner / Cleaner

RZT- 25

Mixing ratio

 7/1 by weight

Pot life

8 hours

Recoat interval



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