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All Purpose Fast Set Mortar

Features & Benefits
• Rapid strength gain
• Can accommodate depths from 10mm – 75mm in one pass
• Open to traffic in 90 minutes
• Shrinkage compensated
• Exceptional bond strength
• Economical
• Compatible with all ironwork
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HJ-801 is supplied pre-blended in 25kg bags or plastic containers
and requires only the addition of water. The product can be used from
10mm-75mm in one pass, with greater depths possible using the
layer-upon-layer method. HJ-801 achieves exceptional bond
strength without the use of a primer. The product can be bulked out
with the addition of up to 30% hard stone clean aggregate. Please note
that this will reduce the products strength gain and alter its performance

Physical Properties

Test Age

Compressive Strength* (N/mm2)

Strength* (N/mm2)

1 hour


2 hours


1 day



7 days



28 days




5-10 minutes *


Setting time

minutes *


Product Details


25kg polythene lined paper bags or plastic containers delivered on shrink-wrapped pallets


Store in closed original packaging at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C. Avoid Frost

Shelf Life

Shelf life in correct conditions for


sealed packaging is 6 months. High temperatures and high humidity will lead to a reduced shelf life


2.2 kg/m3


Approximately, 1 x 400mm x 400mm standard Ironwork Cover and Frame


@ 25mm, dependant on bed depth, brickwork and substrate


12.5 litres (approximately)


Light Grey

HJ-801 is an all purpose fast set mortar ideal for bedding ironwork
and general repairs. The product is suitable for use on all ironwork
Surfaces should be free from any contamination of oil, grease, paint, etc.
Remove all loose particles and work on a sound substrate. Pre-soak the
area with clean water prior to application to aid bond. Remove ponded
water before applying the product.
HJ-801 can be mixed with a forced action mixer or by hand with
an appropriate tool. If hand mixing is used, ensure that it is vigorous. 25kg
of product will require approximately 3.0 litres of water. A stiff consistent
mix with no slump should be achieved, ensuring all particles are well
wetted. Note: Mix only enough material to apply within 4 minutes. Never
remix or add extra water.
Apply the bedding material over a pre-soaked area. Once mixed,
HJ-801 should be applied to the supporting structure within 4
minutes. Firm well into position using a float and allow a 5mm excess
thickness. Place the frame onto the bedding mortar ensuring it is fully
supported. Check that the frame does not overhang the mortar at any
point (use suitable lifting equipment when positioning the frame). Care
must be taken to prevent voids in the bedding material under the frame,
especially in the cover seating area. The frame should then be tamped
into place ensuring the correct level is obtained. Any holes within the
frame should be in-filled and the flanges of the frame enveloped by a
minimum thickness of 10mm of the bedding material. Exposed surfaces
of the bedding material should be float finished, ensuring voids are filled.
Remove loose materials and point the inside surface to a smooth finish.
Once the bedding material has reached its initial set, the backfill material
can be placed.
Health & Safety
Operatives should wear protective clothing and work in well-ventilated
conditions. This product contains Portland cement which, when mixed
with water is alkaline and may in some cases cause skin irritation. If
product enters the eyes, wash thoroughly with water and seek medical
advice. In common with all powder products, the material should be
mixed carefully, avoiding the raising of dust.


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