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Arylic Thermo Plastic Waterbase Finish


Acrylic Thermo Plastic Waterbase is the air dry, non-bake, version of the oven baked automotive factory
finish. Acrylic Thermo Plastic Waterbase has excellent gloss retention, ultraviolet stability, humidity
resistance and good saltwater and corrosion resistance. Due to its plasticizers and molecular modifications, it
exhibits superior chip and mar resistance.
One advantage, over conventional enamels, is that it contains water as a carrier. It drastically reduces
hydrocarbon emissions and poses no fire hazard. Acrylic Thermo Plastic Waterbase is perceived as a less
hazardous product to work with, which is conducive to production worker approval. In addition, it has been
formulated to provide adhesion to difficult substrates and has fast dry and early water resistance. Most paint
lines can use this product without major modifications.
Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Flat
Metal Marine Fabrics
Wood Metallic Buildings Masonry
Plastic Wire Products Terra Cotta
Air Dry Time 30 Minutes @ 77°F
Re-coat Time 1 Hour
Complete Cure 3 Days
350 Square Feet per Gallon @ 1 Mil
Apply with airless or conventional spray equipment or by dipping. Limited brushing for small areas or may
also be applied by roller.
Apply HJ-500W as manufactured or thin to spraying consistency with water. Thinning in excess of one pint
of water, per gallon, will reduce the hide. Protect this coating from freezing. Clean up all your equipment
immediately, after use, with warm soapy water or Methyl Ethyl Ketone solvent.
Clear, Black, White, And Colors On Request.
Acrylic Thermo Plastic – HJ-500W series white was spray applied to Bonderite 1000 panels and baked
minutes at 180°F. Dry film thickness was 1.0 + .2 mils.
Gloss 60º 83
º 50
Adhesion Excellent
Pencil Hardness F-H
Impact Resistance, Inch lbs., Pass/Fail
Direct 19/23
Reverse 2/6
Flexibility, cylindrical mandrel
3/16” Pass
Salt Spray 5% NaCl, 95ºF, 125 Hours
Rusting Slight
Undercutting 1/8”
Blistering No Effect
Water Immersion, 100ºF, 100 Hours
Rusting No Effect
Blistering No Effect
Cleveland Humidity Cabinet
(100ºF/100% RH) 100 Hours No Effect
QUV Weathering, 500 Hours
Loss in Gloss Trace
Yellowing No Effect
Chalking Trace
Blistering No Effect
Rusting No Effect
Dry Time
To Touch 7 – 12 Minutes
Force Dry Temperature Up to 225ºF


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