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Automotive Grade Acrylic Lacquer Topcoat


HJ400 is an automotive grade acrylic lacquer topcoat. It is factory packed, eliminating the
need to mix to a formula where a basic black is required.
HJ400 is a pre-formulated top coat ideally suited for the repair or refinish of vehicles
finished in acrylic lacquers, baked enamels, and baked acrylic enamels. Not to be applied over nitrocellulose
lacquers or air dry enamels.
• Excellent Gloss
• Excellent Adhesion
• Excellent petrol resistance
• Excellent durability
Surface preparation
• Remove rust from bare metal by grinding or heavy sanding. Remove residual rust with RUST
• If required, repair dents, small indentations and holes with LIGHT WEIGHT BODY FILL, REOFIL
or METALFILL as per instructions for each product.
• Apply ACRYLIC PRIM SURFAC or ONE STEP PRIM/PUTTY as required, following
directions provided with each product.
• Painted surfaces must be thoroughly sanded and edges feathered.
Thin 1 part acrylic lacquer with 1.5 parts acrylic thinner or multipurpose thinner.
In very hot or humid conditions replace up to 25% of the thinners with THINN.
Apply by spraying two to three double header coats as required to give the desired finish.
Allow ten minutes drying time between coats. For spot repairs, extend each coat beyond the edge of the
previous coat blending into surrounding finish.
Touch dry in fifteen minutes at °C. Allow 24 hours minimum at °c before compounding with
Store in a cool dry place. Always replace the lid securely after use.
See material safety data sheet.
Standard packages
4 litres /drum
1 litres /drum
Pressure pack
The information contained in this bulletin is presented in good faith based on thorough laboratory and field testing but without warranty. As we
have no control over the conditions under which these products are used, it is recommended that all products be tested by the end user to ensure
the suitability of the product for the particular application and conditions.


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