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Baking Cross-Linked Epoxy-Phenolic Coating


Baking cross-linked epoxy-phenolic.
RECOMMENDED USAGE:HJ-0861 coating is a high performance coating capable of providing economical protection in severe and chemically corrosive environments. It is formulated explicitly for sustained immersion for tank linings, heat transfer equipment, spiral heat exchangers, fans, blowers, filter plates, tank cars, tank trailers, duct work, exhaust hoods, and other industrial equipment.
HJ-0861 meets the requirements of direct food contact.
Exposure Immersion Splash & Spillage
Acids Good Excellent
Alkalies Excellent Excellent
Solvents Fair Good
Inorganic Salts Excellent Excellent
Water Excellent Excellent
Shipping Weight:
HJ-0861 Approx. 10 lbs./gal.
HJ-0362 Solvent Approx. 8 lbs./gal.
Flashpoint (T.C.C):
HJ-0861 23°F (-5°C)
HJ-0362 Solvent 23°F (-5°C)
V.O.C.: 3.6 lbs. / gal. as supplied
Solid by Wt.: Approx. 62%
Solid by Vol.: Approx. 49%
Pot life: N/A
Shelf life: 12 months @ 70°F (21°C)
Viscosity: 75-85 K.U. (Krebs Units)
TEMPATURE LIMITATION:HJ-0861 accepts dry heat temperatures up to 400°F (4°C). Short excursions up to 450°F (232°C) will be tolerated.
Direct Impact (ASTM D-2794): 10 inch / lbs.
Adhesion (ASTM D-3359): 5
COVAGE: Theoretical coverage - 784 square foot per gallon per mil. Recommended total dry film thickness is 5.0 to 7.0 mils in a 3-4 coat system.
At 6 mils DFT average coverage would be 105 square feet per gallon. This includes a % loss factor.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Remove all oil, grease and other contaminants with an appropriate solvent, such as HJ-0362.
STEEL: Surface profile or anchor pattern shall be -25% of the recommended dry film thickness.
IMMSION: A white metal blast is required in accordance with SSPC-5 specifications.
NON-IMMSION: A commercial blast is acceptable in accordance with NACE # 3 or SSPC-6 specifications
PRIM: Not required.
MIXING: Mix thoroughly; making sure all settled pigments are re-dispersed.
THINNING: The amount of thinner required is dependent upon temperature, ventilation, humidity; spray equipment used, and desired film thickness. Adjust viscosity to 30 to 40 . Suggested thinning is 30-40% at 75°F (24°C).
Intermediate Bake Surfaces
Normal 0°F-250°F (93°C-121°C)
For 10- min.
Final Bake Surfaces
Minimum 400°F (5°C) for 1 hr.
1. Do not apply if temperature is less than 5°F (2°C) above dewpoint, or if temperature is below 45°F (7°C).
2. All spray equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned and the hoses in particular shall be free of old paint film and other contaminants.
3. Use standard production type spray guns.
Airless spray equipment, 1800-20 PSI liquid pressure. Tip size from .013" to .019".
4. Air supply shall be uncontaminated. Adjust air
pressure to approximately 80 lbs. at the gun and provide 15- lbs. pot pressure. Adjust spray gun by first opening liquid valve and then adjust air valve to give approximately an 8" to 12" fan holding gun perpendicular to the surface at a distance of 12".
5. Apply a mist bonding pass. Allow to flash off for several minutes but not long enough to allow film to completely dry.
6. Apply 3-4 criss-cross multi-passes maintaining a wet appearing film approximately 3-4 mils. Wet film thickness equals 1.5-2.0 mils dry film thickness.
7. Air dry approximately 1 hour with ventilation, prior to introducing heat.
8. After the air dry period has elapsed, the temperature should be raised approximately 40°F (22°C) in increments of 30 minutes until the desired temperature is reached.
RECOAT: After intermediate bake has cooled to 70°F (21°C).
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Coating should not be stored longer than 12 months at 70°F (21°C).



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