Baking Glossy Topcoat Based On Thermoset Acrylic Resin Supplier in China
Baking Glossy Topcoat Based On Thermoset Acrylic Resin paint coating manufacture Shenzhen China  
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Baking Glossy Topcoat Based On Thermoset Acrylic Resin


Product Description
HJ-1131is a baking glossy topcoat based on thermoset
acrylic resin.
Recommended Use
For use on metal surfaces where a hard, glossy and
adherant finish coat is required, specially in home
Outstanding Characteristics
- High gloss and colour retention
- Good resistance to different environmental conditions
- Excellent sprayability
- High adhesion to different metallic surfaces
- Excellent flexibility
Surface Preparation
Remove oil and grease, etc. with suitable detergent.
Remove salt and other contaminants by (high pressure)
fresh water cleaning. Clean damaged area thoroughly by
power tool cleaning to ST3 (minor areas)
Or by abrasive blasting to minimum SA2 , preferably to
SA2½ (for repair and maintenance) Abrasive blasting to
Sa 2½,SSPC-10 (for new steel)

Technical Data





Upon request

Volume Solids

45 ± 2%

Specific Gravity

 1.15 ± 0.05 gr./cm3. Depends on colour

Flash Point

33 º C

Recommended D.F.T.

25-40 microns

Theoretical coverage

18-11.25 sqm./lit. 15.65-9.78 sqm/kg

Practical Coverage


Flashing time

10 min.

Stoving conditions

15- min at 160°C

Shelf life

12 months at 25°C


liter container

Application Details


Application method

Air/Brush, Roller, deep

Nozzle orifice Nozzle pressure

.021" 150 bar / 20 Psi

Application temperature

5 - 50º C

Mixing ratio

single pack



Pot life


Recoat interval

Wet on wet or after Partially curing


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