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Catalyzed Vinyl Ester Primer


HJ-A142 Primer is a catalyzed, vinyl ester, primer for
concrete and steel substrates. It provides excellent bonding
and adhesion for various polyester or vinyl ester linings,
coating, and flooring systems as well as Hybrid
Polymer systems. The addition of powder
provides conductivity where required.
Typical uses
• Primer for steel substrates prior to placing polyester/
vinyl ester linings, coatings or flooring systems.
• Primer for concrete substrates prior to placing polyester/
vinyl ester linings, coatings or flooring systems.
• Excellent bonding/adhesion for systems
• Holds the blast on steel substrates
With addition of Powder
• Spark testing on concrete surfaces insures holiday free
• Discharge of static electricity when used in conjunction
with conductive topcoats
Chemical Resistance
Resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents. Specific
information on the chemical resistance properties will be
furnished on request.
Refer to steel specification CPT-2 or Ceilcote
concrete specification CPT-1.
Surface Preparation

Abrasive blasting or scarification to remove laitance and
surface contaminants is recommended. Concrete must be
thoroughly cured, free of oils, curing solutions and mold
release agents, dust and must be dry at time of application.
Use ASTM D 4263 (plastic sheet test method) to ensure
concrete is moisture free. If moisture is detected, re-test until
Mechanically premix HJ-A142 resin (i.e. Part A)
individually prior to adding hardener. After initial mixing, add
#2C hardener and mix one minute.
If conductivity is required add 1 bag (6 lbs/2.71kg) of
powder per 5 gal (18.93 liter) unit of
HJ-A142 Primer. Mix Powder with the
resin prior to adding the hardener.
Apply catalyzed HJ-A142 Primer at 2 to 5 wet mils
(50-125 microns) using a short nap roller. The appearance
of HJ-A142 Primer, when applied by roller, should be
translucent. The metal substrate should be visible. The
color of the application will be varied due to overlaps and
slight thickness variation. Overlap areas should also be
Primed surface must be dry and free of foreign matter at time
of lining, coating or flooring application.
Thinner—None required. DO NOT THIN.
Mixing Ratio


By Volume

HJ-A142 Primer


HJ-A005 Resin

1 gal (3.79 liters)

#2 Hardener

2.5 oz (74 ml)

Handling Properties
Working Time



50°F (10º C)

1 hr

70°F (21º C)

30 min

90°F (32º C)

15 min

Time to Recoat


Minimum Time

Maximum Time

50°F (10º C)

5 hrs

4 weeks

70°F (21º C)

2 hrs

4 weeks

90°F (32º C)

1 hr

2 weeks

Surfaces should be topcoated within one week when
exposed to direct sunlight. For longer exposure confirm
recoatability by wiping with Styrene monomer. If surface
becomes “tacky” adhesion is acceptable. If not softened by
Styrene, surface must be sandblasted or mechanically
abraded to provide a non-glossy, abraded surface.
Concrete* 150-0 ft2/gallon (3.66 -4.87 m2/liter)
Steel 250-325 ft2/gallon (6.09 -7.92 m2/liter)
With the addition of 140-160 ft2/gallon (3.41-3.9
*Coverage may vary depending on density of concrete.
The following standard packages are available
HJ-A142 Primer: 1, 5 & 30 gal units (3.79, 18.93, 113.55 liter
Powder: 6 lb bag (2.71kg bag)
Store material in a cool, dry and covered location [50°-90° F
(10° - 32° C)], away from fire hazards and direct sunlight.
@ 40-60°F (4-16°C) 8-12 months
@ 65-80°F (18-27°C) 4-8 months
@ 80°F (27°C) 2-3 months
Higher temperature will shorten the shelf life of these
products. The packing drums are to be kept tightly sealed
and are to be resealed each time materials have been
removed. All liquid products are to be stored in a frost-free
HJ-A142 Primer contains vinyl ester resins and
cumene peroxide catalyst. The product’s components have
been formulated to optimize physical characteristics such as
strength and chemical resistance while minimizing hazardous
physical and health factors encountered during application. A
concerted effort is made to be aware of the latest chemical
toxicological information and to apply this knowledge in a
responsible manner to ensure product safety.
During application of HJ-A142 Primer, always wear
gloves and appropriate work clothing to minimize contact.
Ventilation is required with special consideration for enclosed
or confined areas. Air movement must be designed to insure
turnover at all locations in work area and adjacent areas to
avoid buildup of heavy vapors. Use caution when handling
flammable liquids, eliminate sources of ignition from work
area and containers with residues. Observe safe storage
practices by separating resins from hardeners, by keeping
solvents in a cool area, free of sources of ignition.
Product Material Safety Data Sheets are available and
should be consulted when handling products. These products
are for industrial and professional use only; application
directions must be followed.

Technical and Physical Data


Test standard



Generic Type



Vinyl Ester




8.7 (1.04)











lb/gal (g/l)

2.0 (240)

Adhesion to Concrete

ASTM D4512







Temperature Resistance


ºF (ºC)

250 (121)

Solids content



100 (reactive)

Flash Point

Pensky Martens Closed Cup

ºF (ºC)

>83 (28)

Important Note
The information in this data sheet is not intended to be exhaustive; any person using the product for any purpose other than that specifically recommended in this data sheet without first
obtaining written confirmation from us as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose does so at their own risk. All advice given or statements made about the product (whether in
this data sheet or otherwise) is correct to the best of our knowledge but we have no control over the quality or the condition of the substrate or the many factors affecting the use and application
of the product. Therefore, unless we specifically agree in writing to do so, we do not accept any liability at all for the performance of the product or for (subject to law) any loss or damage
arising out of the use of the product. . All products supplied and technical advice given
are subject to our Conditions of Sale. You should request a copy of this document and review it carefully. The information contained in this data sheet is liable to modification from time to time
in the light of experience and our policy of continuous development.


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