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Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint


Product Description : An Aim rule compliant, single component,
solvent based chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint for use on
bare concrete or properly aces.
Main Uses : For both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. May
be applied to both poured and Gunite formed concrete and fiberglass
Performance, Properties and Advantages : Provides
long lasting beauty and protection to a swimming pool. When
properly applied, the pure chlorinated rubber vehicle and rubber tight
finish insure that our paint will withstand corrosive nature of water,
sunlight, treatment chemicals, and freezing temperatures while
remaining elastic and easy to maintain.
Surface Preparation : Proper surface preparation is essential
for maximum performance of pool paints. Allow pool to dry for one to
two weeks after draining. Unpainted Pools: New concrete should
cure for a minimum ould be scrubbed with Tri-Sodium Phosphate
(TSP), etched with a 10% solution of muratic acid in water, then
rinsed with water and washed once again with TSP. Do not allow acid
or TSP to dry on pool surface. New fiberglass should be power
sanded or abradedPreviously Painted Pools: Only pools previously
painted with chlorinated rubber pool paints can be recoated with
chlorinated rubber pool paint. Allow pool to dry. Do not allow acid or TSP to dry
on pool surface. Other coatings such as latex, oil and epoxy based
paints must be removed prior to repainting.
Application : Over a properly prepared surface apply two coats of
chlorinated rubber pool paint. First coat should be thinned 15% to
%. A second coat should be applied thinned up to 10%. Allow to
dry overnight before recoating. A nylon brush should be used on the
first coat for new concrete. Subsequent d by brush or roller.
Thinning : Thin to brushing or rolling consistency
Application Equipment : Apply with a nylon brush or 1/2 inch
Clean-Up : Clean tools and equipment with HJ105 Xylene.
Follow MSDS for safety precautions. See Application Note for a
detailed set of preparation and application instructions.

Color : White
Finish : Gloss
Drying Schedule :
recoat : 24hours
Allow 7 days drying time after
painting is completed before
filling pool with water.
Coverage : 660 sq. ft. per gallon
at 1 mil DFT
Recommended Spreading
Rate : 1.5 mils DFT
Volume Solids : 41%
Vehicle : Chlorinated Rubber
Thinning : to brushing or spraying
consistency with HJ-52
Fleet-Line Reducer.
Clean-up : HJ105 Xylene or
Flash Point : 80°F Closed Cup

VOC : 511 g/l
4.26 lbs/gal
Maximum VOC : 600 g/l


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