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A single-component, high
gloss enamel for underwater use. Particularly resistant to swimming pool chemicals.
For Use On:
• Swimming pools
• Reflecting pools
• Zoo moats
• Fountains
• Fish ponds
• Surfaces previously painted with a chlorinated rubber or waterborne acrylic coating
Not For Use On:
• Spas, regardless of surface
• Aluminum
• Fiberglass
• Steel surfaces
• Surfaces already painted with a synthetic rubber, epoxy or vinyl coating or any waterproofing
clear sealers
Product Number:
Solids by Weight:
Solids by Volume:
Actual V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds):
Solvent(s) Used:
Flash Point:
Dry-To-Touch @ 77ºF:
Dry-To-Handle @ 77ºF:
Recoat time @ 77ºF:
41-400, 41-401, 41-402, 41-403, 41-404, 41-406
White, Black, Bahama Blue, Electric Blue, Lake Blue, Vanishing Edge Gray
69 - 72 Kreb Units @ 77ºF
46% - 56%
32% - 36%
Less than 590 grams per liter (4.92 lbs/gal)
Ketones/Aromatic Hydrocarbons
15 minutes
1 - 2 hours
24 hours
Approximately 300 square feet per gallon

GENAL: All surfaces must be dry, clean and free from wax,
grease, oil, rust, dirt or any other foreign matter.
TEMPATURE LIMITATIONS: This product is intended for
use in temperatures ranging between 60°F and 80°F. Do not use this
product if temperatures are below 60°F, or above 80°F, nor when
relative humidity levels are above 80%. Do not apply to a surface that
is in direct sunlight. At higher temperatures (above 75°F), especially
when using the dark colors, apply POOL REPAIR COATING in the
late afternoon or evening. This coating must be completely dry before
it is exposed to direct sunlight.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Clean and prepare the
surface to be painted.
PATCHING PROCEDURES: Thin hairline cracks will be filled
by the coating itself. Larger cracks, craters and holes need to be
filled with a hydraulic cement with an acrylic bonding agent. Patching
should be done after the surface cleaning has been completed. All
cement-based patches must be acid washed with a solution of
1 part of muriatic acid and 1 part of water when dry and before
painting with POOL REPAIR COATING.
IMPORTANT! Do not use epoxy patching compounds since
POOL REPAIR COATING cannot bond to that type of patching
MIXING: POOL REPAIR COATING is ready to use as packaged.
Stir thoroughly before use.
shallow areas will be slippery after painting... Sprinkle the texturing agent amply on the
first coat while still wet. Before the application of the second coat,
sweep off any excess or loose texturing agent. For public access pools,
broadcast the texturing agent on 100% of the area to be made
compatible surfaces that have been properly prepared, patched and
cleaned. The surface must be completely dry before the application of
this product. Before coating allow 2 - 3 days for the surface to dry
completely the surface preparation and cleaning procedures. Provide
ample ventilation when applying to indoor pools.
• POOL REPAIR COATING can be applied by brush, roller or spray.
When rolling, use a premium roller with 1/2” nap and a
solvent-resistant core. It is best to use a 5-gallon plastic pail and a
roller grid when rolling.
• This product should be applied in thin coats. Apply the first coat in
a uniform and continuous manner, without pinholes or gaps. Two coats
are recommended. The wet film thickness when applied should range
between 4 - 6 mils per coat. Avoid applying thick coats. An excessively
thick coat can cause blistering. If minor blistering occurs, scrape
or sand the blistered area, clean the surface and then repaint.
• The second coat should be applied 24 hours after the first coat. If
the pool has been painted before, wait 48 hours between coats. If the
first coat was applied in an up-and-down direction, apply the second
coat left-to-right. Always criss-cross your coating application.
• To insure color uniformity on the final coat, use paint from the same
batch (stamped on lid) or intermix paint from different batches.
CURING TIME @ 77°F: 5 - 7 days
OUTDOOR POOLS: Allow surface to dry completely for at least
5 days before filling with water. At temperatures less than 72°F, wait
at least 6 days.
INDOOR POOLS: Allow 8 - 10 days of curing time.
CLEAN-UP: Equipment brushes and rollers should be cleaned
immediately with Acetone or t

SHELF LIFE: This product has a shelf life approximately 3 years
unopened container from the date of manufacture stamped on the
lid of this can. The first two digit indicates the year, and the next
two digits the month of manufacture.

Limited Warranty:
Due to the fact that the manufacturer has no control over either surface preparation or
application, warranty is limited to replacement of product if it is shown to be defective.
Such warranty does not include the cost of labor or consequential damages.


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