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Drying Oil Gray Oxide Primer

DESCRIPTION: A premium quality 15 minutes drying, corrosion resistant metal primer containing
rust inhibitive pigments for exterior or interior applications that
adheres tightly to clean metal and top coats and is widely used as production
primer and shop coat. Lead-free; may be applied by brush or spray.
BASIC USES: To protect metal surfaces such as window frames and casings, railings,
fences, machinery and equipment in industrial, institutional, residential and
farm applications. For use on iron and steel surfaces to protect against wind,
rain, sunlight, high humidity, and mild acidic industrial fumes or splash.
Excellent primer coat for alkyd, oil, epoxy ester or latex type finishes; also
ideal on well cleaned structural steel, metal trim, pipes, sashes, etc.
ADVANTAGES: * Corrosion resistant * 15 minutes drying
* High build * Durable
* Ready to spray * Rust inhibitive


Percent Solids:

66.42 ± 1% by weight


Flat (2º-5º)*


44.19 ± 1% by volume


*Geometry 60º

Weight / Gallon:

11.05 ± 0.5 lbs.


68 – 78 Ku’s



Percent Pigment



by Weight:

48.56 ± 1%

Drying Time:

To touch:

15 minutes



To recoat:

6 hours


700 sq. ft./gal.


To cure:

24 hours

Film Thickness:

1.2 mils dry, 2.4 mils wet


55 gallons


5 gallons



1 gallon

Flash Point:

130ºF TOC

1 quart


Normally not recommended, but if necessary, add HJ-2101.

Surface Preparation: Surfaces must be dry, clean and free of all
contaminants. Remove all oil, grease, (by solvent cleaning SSPCSP
1-63) loose rust, mill scale and all other foreign materials.
Minimum preparation is hand tool cleaning (SSPC-SP 2-63) or
power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP 3-63). Apply HJ-009 Minutes Drying Gray Oxide Primer the same day as
New Surfaces: Remove oil and dirt by solvent cleaning SSPCSP
1-63 with Lacquer Thinner HJ-25 and prime the
entire area.
Previously Painted Metals: Clean surface of all loose, peeling
paint and foreign material; spot prime bare metal. If the paint is
old, peeling or badly weathered, hand tool clean (SSPC-SP 2-63)
or power tool clean (SSPC-SP 3-63).
Methods of Application: BRUSH: Use a good quality nylon or
polyester brush.
AIRLESS SPRAY: Minimum of 28:1 ratio pump, with a .013”-
.015” tip, 1/4” ID Teflon material hose.
Mixing: Always mix thoroughly with a power agitator before
application or by boxing and stirring.
Cleanup: Clean all equipment immediately after use with
HJ-6510. Completely flush all spray
equipment with this solution.
Caution: Do not take internally. Close container after each use.
Keep out of reach of children. Use only with adequate ventilation.
Notice: The technical data contained herein are true and accurate
to the best of our knowledge. Published technical data and
instructions are subject to change without prior notice.
M.S.D.S.: Available upon request.


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