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Epoxy Powder Coating



Feiyang-623 is an epoxy powder coating with a high flow finish suitable for a wide range of interior applications.
Feiyang-623 is easy to apply to many substrates, and results in a film with outstanding wear and chemical resistances.


Great chemical resistance
Film integrity       
Excellent surface hardness          
Solvents free or emissions             
Very good flow      
Hard wearing/serviceable finish
Less waste and pollution to the environment



Feiyang-623 has a wide range of applications over various substrates including steel and aluminum e.g automotive components, bathroom fittings, computer equipment, electrical equipment, shelving, white goods, office equipment  etc..


  • Heat: Excellent resistance to 1°C continuous service conditions.
  • Salt Spray: Very good salt spray resistance. 2 - 3mm adhesion loss at scribe after 500 hours salt spray on steel.
  • Humidity: Excellent resistance to 38°C/100% humidity for 250 hours on steel or chromated aluminum.
  • Abrasion: Excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Acid: Resistant to spills of acid.
  • Alkali: Resistant to spills of dilute alkali.
  • Pencil Hardness: Min 3H
  • Flexibility: Pass 80 inch/lb
  • Cross Hatch Adhesion: No removal


Solvent Resistance
Excellent resistance to oils and general solvents.
Ethyl Acetate: Softens after prolonged contact
White Spirits: Resistant
Ethanol: Resistant
Xylene: Slight softening/limit contact
Methyl Ethyl Ketone: Softens after prolonged contact

Additional Information:
Color: A range of made to order colors available.
Specific gravity: 1.3 - 1.7 @ color
Gloss Level: 5 - 98% at 60°, as required
Shelf life: 12 months when stored below 30°C/dry conditions

Application Data

Application Method:  Electrostatic spray.
Clean Up: Dust or vacuum loose powder. Avoid use of compressed air.

Cure Schedule

Metal Temperature (°C)

Time (minutes)







Cured Film Thickness

Recommended: 80 μm
Range: 50 – 1 μm
Note: Curing below metal temperatures of 160°C, or above metal temperatures of 0°C are not recommended.

Theoretical spreading rate at recommended film thickness

A coverage rate of 8 - 10m2/kg is commonly experienced. Practical spreading rates will vary due to such factors as method and conditions of application and surface profile and texture.

Application Details
Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be degreased and pre-treated for optimal performance. Suitable pre-treatment includes:
Aluminum Yellow chromate or green chromate/phosphate .
Ferrous metals Zinc phosphate or Iron phosphate (refer BS6497)
Zinc Coated Metals
Zinc phosphate or chromate (refer BS6497) (eg. galvanizing)

Application Procedure and Equipment

  • For fluidized bed, ensure uniform fluidization of powder. Fluidized powder should resemble “simmering liquid”. Aged or compacted powder may require pre-conditioning for several minutes to fluidize evenly.
  • For box feeders, ensure probe is fully inserted in powder and operated as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • 2. Apply by electrostatic spray.
  • 3. Cure as per recommendations outlined above.
  • 4. Test for cure of the coating by contact with a drop of solvent for 30 seconds. Surface should be wiped dry and immediately checked for softening. Only slight surface softening should occur.


Care and Maintenance

  • To maintain the attractive appearance of the Feiyang-623 film, it should be regularly washed with warm water and mild liquid detergent, followed by a fresh water rinse.
  • The use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended, nor is the use of active organic solvents.


Precautions and Limitations

  • As a result of possible wide application variations conditions, Feiyang-623 may show variation between Powder Coatings prepared samples and production applied material. Therefore, it is the applicator and/or their customer’s responsibility to ensure the product conforms to their requirements.
  • For optimum corrosion performance ensure recommended dry film thickness is obtained.


Transport and Storage

Flashpoint: N/A
Dangerous Goods Class: N/A
Package Group: N/A
Shipment Name: Not dangerous goods. No special transport requirements.



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