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Epoxy polyamide texture Coating

Honest Coat Epoxy Texture is a pigmented high solids/high build epoxy polyamide texture for masonry surfaces that provides good protection against chemical attack, thermal shock, nuclear decontamination agents and mechanical abrasion.
For use as a texture for concrete substrates, with multiple applications in diaries, power plants, hospitals, schools, tunnels, chemical plants, refineries, water storage tanks, bottling plants, paper mills and mining industry.
Eggshell sheen
Volume Solid:
62% + 2% (catalyzed)
Specific Gravity:
1.56 KGs / ltr
Recommended DFT:
150 – 250 Microns
Spreading Rate@DFT:
2.48 – 4.13 m2 / ltr or
9.39 – 15.63 m2 / gallon
Flash Point:
26 oC
Mix Ratio:
Sweat-in Time:
1 hour at 25 oC after mixing both parts.
Drying Schedule:
@ 25 oC/R.H.50
Dry to Touch:
1 Hour
To Handle:
4 Hours
To Recoat:
Min. 6 Hours Max. 30 Days
To Cure:
10 Days
Pot Life:
8 hours @ 25 oC. Varies with temperature
Shelf Life:
18 months, unopened at 25 oC
Reducer/Clean Up:
Epoxy Reducer HONEST  – HONEST 8801
Surface Preparation: Surface must be dry, clean and in sound condition. Remove oil, dust, dirt, millscale or other foreign substance to ensure good adhesion. Minimum surface preparation methods to be followed for (1) Concrete block and Masonry should be cured, cleaned and dry.
Application Methods:
Conventional Spray:
Reduce 10% with Epoxy Thinner
Airless Spray:
Reduce 10% with Epoxy Thinner
Masonry Surface (Polyurethane Topcoat):
Honest  Epoxy Primer Sealer
1 Coat
50 Microns DFT
Honest Coat Epoxy Texture
1 Coat
250 Microns DFT
Hi-Build Aliphatic Polyurethane or
1 - 2 Coats
50 Microns DFT
Hi-Build Polyurethane
1 - 2 Coats
75 Microns DFT
Masonry Surfaces (Epoxy Topcoat):
Honest  Epoxy Primer Sealer
1 Coat
50 Microns DFT
Honest Coat Epoxy
1 Coat
250 Microns DFT
Hi-Solids Catalyzed Epoxy
2 Coats
50 Microns
DFT per coat
Previously Painted Surfaces: Surfaces should be free from all foreign material. Old epoxy films must be brush blasted or scuff sanded prior to coating. Unknown old paint surfaces should be tested for lifting or peeling. If it does, clean to sound substrate and treat as new surface.
Concrete & Cement Floors: All surfaces must be fully cured. Roughen the surface by sand blasting, shot blasting, mechanical scarification or suitable chemical means. Patch holes and cracks with an appropriate filler. The surface should be made free from moisture if any before application of the paint. Test the surface for moisture-free.
*For further information on recommended products please refer to Honestjoy System Guide.
**For further information on surface preparation methods and application procedures please refer to Honestjoy Surface Preparation bulletin.
Do not apply the material beyond recommended pot life. Do not mix previously catalyzed material with new. Excessive reduction of material can affect the film build, appearance, and adhesion. FX-80
Application Methods:
Apply under well-ventilated conditions. Do not breathe or inhale mist. When spraying, wear air mask. Avoid skin contact. Spillage on skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser, soap and water. Eyes should be flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.

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