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Rapid development of full cured strengths and abrasion resistance provide HJ-661 with extremely desirable properties for the repair and maintenance of equipment either in situ, or in cases where workshop treatment requires fast turn around.
A technically advanced product versatile enough to be used under difficult conditions
at times of trouble and urgency, HJ-661  offers broad spectrum service against
abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack on pumps, impellors, agitators, screws,
hoppers, in fact almost anything.
FEATURES * Fast cure - Insitu repairs incorporating minimal downtime.
* High Abrasion resistance - Ideal for most slurry transfer components.
* Epoxy polymer base - High adhesion, low co-efficient of friction.
* Tough film - Excellent resistance to mechanical actions.
* Easily recoated - No wastage associated with stripping old coating.
* User friendly - Application is easily carried out without substantial training.
PFORMANCE HJ-661  achieves its full cured features very quickly allowing its essential
feature, that of abrasion resistance, to be utilised quickly and effectively with minimal
loss of time. At a temperature of 25°C, treated componentry has been returned to
service within 6 hours without loss of ultimate working life.
Great success has been recorded specifically in areas such as agitator blade
refurbishment, elbow rebuilding, insitu pump repair and fan maintenance. HJ-661 is also satisfactory for use in workshops or in extremely cold climates.
For further advice on a specific application contact us and maximise your results.
PRODUCT PROFILE Mixing ratio: 2 parts component A to1 part by weight component B.
Consistency: Non sag trowellable
Colour: Grey
Specific Gravity: 2.0 ± 0.05
Coverage: 12kg per square metre at 6mm thickness
Non Volatile matter: 100%
Pot life: minutes / 3kg kits @ °C
Set life: 3 hours / 10mm thick @ °C
Shelf life: Minimum 24 months
SURFACE In line with all cases where good adhesion is required, the substrates should be
PREPARATION reasonably clean and free from loose particles. Metal substrates may be prepared by
one of the following methods.
(b)Roughened with grinding wheel or disc, followed by degreasing.
Detailed procedure for preparation of most substrates are shown in our Bulletin -
"Preparation of Surfaces for use with HONEST Systems".
MIXING The mixing ratio of HJ-661  is 2 parts by weight of Component 'A' to 1 part by
DIRECTIONS weight of Component 'B'. Prior to mixing, each component should be stirred
independently (using a screwdriver or spatula) to redisperse completely any settled
material. Then withdraw the amount required of each component from the respective
containers and mix using a putty knife, spatula or paint scraper on a flat piece of
board or plate. Wherever possible, use complete kits only.
HJ-661 (Cont)
APPLICATION Once the surface has been prepared, the HJ-661  can be mixed and applied
using either a spatula, paint scraper or putty knife. This should be carried out by
initially rubbing the HJ-661  over the surface without applying full film build. This
is termed a scratch coat and will leave a grey, resin rich (prime coat) film over the
surface enhancing adhesion. The total build required may then be immediately
applied over the scratch coat. HJ-661  may also be successfully applied as a
hand putty. Non sag coating thicknesses of up to 10-15mm are readily achievable.
HJ-661 may be finished to a reasonably smooth surface by leaving the applied
material to partially gel before final trowelling. The application tool may also be
dipped into water or the surface sprayed with a fine water mist to further aid a smooth
and even finish.
CURING HJ-661  possesses a "tack free time" of around 2 hours at °C and will normally
accept wear less than 6 hours after application. Naturally a longer curing period
reduces the risk of damage or failure occurring in extremely hard working
applications. In cooler climates, the curing time may be reduced by warming either of
the containers prior to mixing or warming the component after application. The
surfaces of the component may also be warmed prior to application of the HJ-661 to reduce cure time. Excessive heat should be avoided as this can cause the
material to slump.
CLEANING Prior to curing, HJ-661  should be cleaned from all tools and equipment using
HONEST Diluent. Soap and water or a good quality hand cleaner may also be used.
Do not use solvents to clean contaminated areas of the body, such as hands etc.
STORAGE Store both components out of direct sunlight and away from heat since warm
compound will severely reduce the pot life.
Whilst the shelf life of the individual components is indefinite in their original unopened
containers, prolonged storage may result in some settling and attention should be
paid to this when mixing.
SAFETY Protective gloves, coveralls and glasses should be worn when using epoxy resins and
their curing agents. If eye irritation occurs hold eye open and irrigate with water for 15
minutes and see a Doctor. Should skin contact occur wash contaminated areas with
soap and water. Avoid the use of solvents as a person cleaning aid. Consult the
Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.
GENAL Other associated products are:
HJ-806 - Abrasion resistant coating suitable for most sliding abrasion commonly found
in componentry such as pumps and agitator blades.
iHJ-806 MG - A machinable grade of 806 for workshop use when components may
require lathe or honing work.
iiHJ-806 BR - A brushable, dual purpose abrasion and corrosion control coating
suitable for use in a variety of applications including shafts, chutes and pumps.
iv) HJ-58 - A high temperature resistant abrasion control coating with superior
chemical resistance, capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 150 - 180°C.
v) HJ-58 MG - A machinable grade of HJ-58 for workshop use when components
may require additional fairing.
vi) HJ-181 - A tough impact resistant abrasion control compound used to
combat large particle impact and impingement. It also possesses fast cure properties
allowing insitu repairs to be carried out during brief shutdowns.
WARRANTY The information contained in this data sheet, is to the best of our knowledge true and
correct, but recommendations are made without guarantee, since conditions of use
are beyond our control. Furthermore, nothing contained herein should be construed
as a recommendation to use this product in conflict with existing patents.


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