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Fast Dry Fabrication Primer

· Fast dry allows rapid handling of coated steel
· Modified zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation
· Free of chromates and other heavy metal compounds
· Suitable for acrylic and alkyd topcoats
· Available in Red Oxide or Grey

HJ-7767 Steel Shop Primer is a fast dry, economical,
primer designed for use in engineering fabrication shops.
HJ-7767 Steel Shop Primer is suitable as a stand-alone
coating in mild interior environments and provides good
protection to structural steel in moderate exterior
environments when topcoated with compatible alkyd or
acrylic coatings.

Coating Type: QD Alkyd Zinc Phosphate
Colour: Red Oxide & Grey
Packaging: 1 litre, 4 litre & litre
Single Package
Mix Ratio: N/A - Single Package
Gloss: Flat
Flash Point: 15oC
Thinner: Spray HJ-991
Brush Spray HJ-101
Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions
Density: Red 1.29 kg/litre
Grey 1.27 kg/litre
VOC: 479 gm/litre (Red & Grey)
Temperature Resistance: 100°C Dry
Volume Solids: 43% (Red & Grey)
Theoretical Coverage Rate:
11.3 square metres per litre at 38 microns dry
Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat:
98-140 microns wet to obtain 38-60 microns dry
Application: Spray, brush
Dry Times (38 μm DFT / 50% R.H. / 25°C):
Tack Free 15 - 30 minutes
Through Dry 16 hours
Acrylic 18 hours
Alkyd 36 hours
All surfaces must be sound and free of oil, grease, dirt,
form release agents, curing compounds, loose and flaking
paint, moisture and other foreign substances
Steel Surfaces:
For the best results abrasive blast to SSPC SP6 (Sa2). For
mild conditions hand or power tool cleaning to SSPC SP2
or 3 may be satisfactory.
Use mechanical agitation for proper mixing to ensure
homogeneous condition. Stir until thoroughly mixed.
For spray application thin up to 10% with Specified
Thinner. For Brush application thin up to 10% with Altex
Spray HJ-101 Thinner if necessary.
Note: Excessive thinning can cause low film thickness,
sagging and other film defects.
HJ-7767 Steel Shop Primer may be applied by brush or
For spray HJ-7767 Steel Shop Primer should be applied in
one wet coat, overlapping each pass 50%.
Suggested spray equipment is:
Air Spray:Air spray gun, 2.2mm
(0.086”) or 1.8mm (0.070”) set up
(Note : Other equipment equivalent to the above may be
Use Spray HJ-101 thinner or Cleaning Solvent.
For industrial use only. See the :
General Safety Data Sheet, product label and Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for health and safety
information prior to use.
HJ-7767 Steel Shop Primer is flammable. Keep away
from heat, sparks and open flame. Use with adequate
ventilation. May cause eye and skin irritation. Do not
breathe vapour or spray. Wear suitable protective clothing
such as gloves and eye and face protection.

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