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A polyester resin mortar with a proven track record, HONEST PY5
produces a flowable material suitable for anchoring bolts or bars, bedding
cats’ eyes, airport runway lights, backfilling manholes, bridge bearings,
balustrades, traffic loops and sensors. The product is also perfect for
grouting street furniture and traffic signs.
HONEST HJ5is supplied as a complete pack, which contains 2 equal
parts of resin and activator/filler. Always use 1 tin of resin to 1 pack of
filler/activator. When ordering, please state WG or SG (Winter Grade/
Summer Grade).

Features & Benefits
• Can be applied at 0°C
• Open to traffic in 40 minutes
• Rapid strength gain – 84 N/mm2 after 1 hour
• Excellent flexural and tensile strength – 21 N/mm2 flexural
after 1 hour
• Rapid setting – as early as 15 minutes dependant upon
• Suitable for all ironwork
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Physical Properties

Test Age

Compressive Strength* (N/mm2)

Tensile Strength* (N/mm2)

Flexural Strength* (N/mm2)

1 hours




2 hours



7 days



28 days


Workability 5-10 minutes*
Set time 15 minutes*
*Depending on temperatures – test carried out at °C. Cool temperatures retard, warm
temperatures accelerate product performance.
Product Details


25kg plastic containers delivered on shrink-wrapped pallets


HJ5 Powder: Store in closed original container at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. Avoid frost.


HJ5 Resin: Flammable/combustible – Keep away from oxidisers, heat and flames. Store in tightly closed original container in a dry, cool and well ventilated place. Keep in original container. Avoid contact with


oxidising agents

Shelf Life

6 months in above conditions


Approximately, 78 tubs per cubic metre


13.0 litres


Dark Grey

Use of HJ5for anchoring dowels and bars
Holes should be either drilled using percussion drill or scabbled to provide
roughened faces. Pre-formed holes should be scabbled to provide a
key. Holes must be free from water, dust and any debris that might affect
bond. Dowels or bars should be either deformed or threaded; smooth
bars are not recommended.
Use of HJ5as a flowable mortar
HONEST HJ5is the ideal accompaniment of HONEST HJ4 when
bedding ironwork. Its flowable texture when mixed can be poured around
the frame ensuring all voids are filled. With its high early compressive,
flexural and tensile strengths, this material creates a long lasting repair in
the most arduous situations.
HONEST HJ5should be mixed by forced action mixer or by vigorous
hand mixing with an appropriate tool. Add one tin of resin to the pack of
filler/activator (or 2 tins of resin to the 2 filler/activators). Pour resin from
the tin into the outer bucket and slowly add the filler until a homogeneous
mix is attained. Do not part mix material. Use immediately after mixing.
Apply the HONEST HJ5material immediately after mixing. Do not try to
re-mix once initial hardening is evident. Do not lay in standing water.
Health & Safety
Keep the containers closed when not in use. Avoid inhalation of fumes
and contact with eyes and skin. The use of protective clothing, including
gloves, goggles and respiratory equipment should be worn If not well
ventilated. The Product can be removed from the skin by washing with
plenty of water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and seek immediate
medical attention. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with
water and seek medical advice. For a full updated Material Safety Data
Sheet please visit www.polyurethane-paint.com


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