Free Low VOC Rreinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer Supplier in China
Free Low VOC Rreinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer
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Free Low VOC Rreinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer


Product Description
• Applies easier than any other inorganic zinc, using
spray,brush, or roller
• Can be topcoated with most organic coatings as soon as
solvent evaporates
• Low VOC
• Zinc dust is already mixed into the liquid portion
•Fast dry-to-handle
• Excellent resistance to topcoat bubbling
• Outstanding mudcrack resistance
• Excellent corrosion protection from unique formulation
Typical Uses
Dimetcote 302H Reinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer is a
proven cathodic primer for protecting steel structures,
tanks, equipment piping, and other surfaces exposed in the
following environments:
On ships, barges and offshore structures.
Dimetcote 302H Primer is ideal for touch-up and maintenance
because of its ease of application,.wide compatibility
and fast dry-to-recoat.
Recommended Topcoats
Amerlock® 400, 400FD HONESTFEIYANG 201, 230
Dimetcote 302H surface must be clean and dry before topcoating.
Water soluable contaminants may be washed off
with water. Remove grease and similar contaminants with
an emulsion type cleaner or neutral detergent. Rinse with
clean water and allow to dry. Solvent wiping is not satisfactory
as contamination may only be spread and not
removed. In some cases a mist coat/full coat technique may
be required to prevent application bubbling.
Surface Preparation
Coating performance is proportional to the degree of surface
preparation. Surface must be cleaned, dry, undamaged
and free of all contaminants, including salt deposits. Round
off all rough welds and sharp edges, remove all weld spatter.
Apply Dimetcote 302H as soon as possible to avoid
rusting or other recontamination. Do not leave blasted steel
uncoated overnight. Spot blast if needed.
Steel New without pits or depressions – Dry abrasive blast,
SSPC-SP6 or pickle.
Physical Data
Finish Flat
Color* Green
*Note: At temperatures over 350°F the Dimetcote 302H green color will
change to a reddish-gray.
Components 2
Curing mechanism Solvent release and cure
reaction with atmospheric
Dry film thickness per coat 2-4 mils (50-100 microns)
Coats 1
Theoretical coverage ft2/gal m2/L
1 mil (25 microns) 1251 31.0
3 mils (75 microns) 1417 10.3
VOC (EPA 24) lb/gal g/L
mixed 2.37 284
mixed/thinned (1 pt/gal) 3.3 346
Temperature resistance, dry °F °C
intermittent 400 205
Flash point (SETA) °F °C
base 99 37
converter 111 44
HONESTFEIYANG 930 214 -101
Application Data
Applied over Prepared steel or galvanizing
Surface preparation SSPC-SP6 or 10
Method Airless or conventional spray
Mixing ratio (volume) 9:1
Pot life (hours) °F/°C
90/32 70/21 50/10
4 8 16
Environmental conditions
Temperature °F °C
air 20 to 120 -7 to 49
surface 20 to 130 -7 to 54
Relative humidity 50-90%
Surface temperatures must be at least 5°F (3°C) above dew
point to prevent condensation. At freezing temperatures,
surface must be free of ice.
Drying time (ASTM D1640) @ 3 mils @ 50-90% RH
90/32 70/21 50/10
hard (hours) 3 6 18
recoat (hours) 3/4 11/2 4
maximum topcoat (months) 3 3 3
Thinner T-10
Equipment cleaner Thinner or HONESTFEIYANG 12
Previously painted or pitted – Dry abrasive blast, SSPC-SP10.
Blast to achieve a 11/2 - 21/2 mils (37 - 62-microns) anchor
profile as indicated by a Keane-Tator Surface Profile
Comparator, Testex Tape or similar device. Rougher profiles
are acceptable, but require increased film thickness for
equivalent protection. Remove abrasive residue or dust from
Galvanized surfaces – Remove any oil, soap film or grease
from surface with neutral detergent or emulsion cleaner
and roughen surface by light abrasive blast SSPC-SP7.
Application Equipment
The following is a guide; suitable equipment from other
manufacturers may be used. Changes in pressure, hose and
tip size may be needed for proper spray characteristics.
Airless spray – Standard equipment, such as Graco
Bulldog or Speeflo Alaskan PZ. A fine finish tip 0.016-to
0.022-inch or larger must be used.
Conventional spray – Industrial equipment such as
DeVilbiss MBC gun with 2E or 704E cap/tip, or a Binks 18
gun with a 66SS x 67PB nozzle setup. A variable speed agitator
in the pressure pot and an oil and moisture trap in
the main air supply line are essential. Separate air and
fluid pressure regulators are recommended.
Power mixer – Jiffy Mixer powered by an air or explosionproof
electric motor.
Application Procedure
Base and converter are packaged in the correct proportions
which, when mixed together, yield 1 gallon or 5 gallons of
Dimetcote 302H.
1. Flush all equipment with thinner or HONESTFEIYANG 12 cleaner
to remove any moisture that may be present.
2. Stir mixed base and converter with an explosion-proof
power mixer.
3. At temperatures lower than 60°F (16°C), allow a 15
minute induction time before using. Add about 10 minutes
for each 10°F (6°C) lower temperature.
4. Strain material through 30 mesh screen to remove
undispersed material and prevent possible clogging of
5. Pot life is limited and shortened by high temperatures;
do not mix more coating than will be used within the
specified times.
6. Thin for workability or when a rough film or “dry
spray” is obtained because of fast solvent evaporation
during hot weather or high wind. Use 1 pt. of T-10 per
gallon of mixed coating.
7. Adjust spray equipment to apply an even wet coat with
minimize overspray.
8. Continue very slow stirring during application to maintain
uniformity of material. Avoid fast stirring as this may
cause a rise in material temperature.
9. Apply in even, parallel passes, overlap each pass 50 percent.
Pay special attention to welds, cut-outs, sharp
edges, rivets, bolts, etc., to insure proper thickness.
Keep pressure pot at approximately the same elevation
as spray gun for proper material delivery to gun.
10.When dry through, check film thickness with a nondestructive
dry film thickness gauge. Recoat if greater
thickness is required. Normal recommended thickness
is 3 mils (75 microns).
11.Random pinholes, holidays and small damaged or bare
areas can be touched up by brush when film is dry to
touch. Larger areas should be resprayed.
Note – Drying and topcoating times will be longer when film
thickness is over 4 mils (100 microns), ventilation and air movement
are restricted and temperatures are lower.
12.In confined areas, ventilate with clean air during application
and drying until all solvents are removed.
Temperature and relative humidity of the ventilating air
must be such that moisture will not condense on the
surface until after material is dry hard.
13.Clean equipment with thinner or HONESTFEIYANG 12 cleaner
immediately after use or at least at the end of each
working day or shift. Clean spray guns more often during
hot weather. When left in equipment, Dimetcote 302H
will harden and plug spray equipment.
Shipping Data
Packaging unit 1-gal 5-gal
Shipping weight (approx)
lb kg
1-gal unit
converter 1.1 0.5
base 19.4 8.8
5-gal unit
converter 4.6 2.1
base 96.0 43.5
Shelf life when stored indoors at 40 to 100°F (4 to 38°C)
base 1 year from shipment date
converter 1 year from shipment date
Numerical values are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances,
color and testing variances. Allow for application losses and surface
Mixed product is nonphotochemically reactive as defined by South
Coast Air Quality Management District’s Rule 102 or equivalent


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