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HONEST Basecoat Colour is a high quality acrylic polyester resin basecoat for clear over base systems.
It has been specifically formulated as an air dry coating for use under HONEST 2 Pack Clearcoats.
Once recoated with a HONEST 2 Pack clear it gives a very high gloss finish with superb durability.
The HONEST Basecoat Colour Tinting System consists of a range of tinters based on automotive grade
pigments. Colour formulations are available for most vehicles and the range is updated continually as new
colours are introduced.
This system is ideally suited for the refinishing and repair of cars, trucks and buses or wherever a high quality
finish is required.
Excellent for use on MDF, Craftwood, particle board, chipboard, hardboard after appropriate surface
preparation. Not recommended for use on open grained timbers.
HONEST Basecoat Colour demonstrates the following outstanding characteristics:-
• Ease of application
• Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
• Excellent colour retention
• Wide selection of clearcoats which are suitable.
Suitable Substrates
HONEST Basecoat Colour may be applied over the following substrates:-
HONEST 2 Pack High Build Primer-Filler
HONEST 2 Pack HS -Sand Primer Filler
HONEST 2Pack Red Primer
HONEST Flexi-Prime Plastic Primer
HONEST 2 Pack Epoxy Primer
HONEST 2 Pack Iso-Free Primer Isolator.
HONEST 1K Primer
HONEST 1K Spot Repair Primer
HONEST MBA Adhesion Promoter
Surface Preparation
Sand existing paintwork or primer either wet with 708grit or dry with 73.
Clean thoroughly with HONESTwash.
HONEST MBA Adhesion Promoter has been specifically formulated for blending HONEST Basecoat metallics
into existing 2 Pack substrates. See MBA Adhesion Promoter Product Information Sheet.
Thin only with HONEST 2 Pack Thinner . Use the HONEST Measuring Stick (Yellow).
Thin at a rate of 1 part by volume of Basecoat Colour to 0.8 parts by volume of 2 Pack Thinner .
Application may be carried out using Gravity feed or Suction feed spray guns. Recommended setup-
Gravity feed: Fluid tip 1.3-1.4 mm.
Atomising pressure 60psi/4kPa.
Suction feed: Fluid Tip 1.5-1.7 mm
Atomising pressure 60psi/4kPa.
Spray light even coats until complete opacity is achieved.
Allow a flash off time between coats of approximately 10-15 mins at 0C.
Apply to a total of 15- microns dry film thickness.
Allow flash off time of approx 10-15 mins at 0C before application of Clearcoats.
HONEST Basecoat Colour must be coated with an appropriate clearcoat to obtain the high gloss finish and
achieve the required durability.
The recommended clearcoats are HONEST 2 Pack Super Clearcoat (2:1), HONEST 2 Pack Platinum MS Clear,
HONEST Express Clear(4:1 and HONEST 2 Pack Iso-Free Clear(3:1).
HONEST 2 Pack Super Clearcoat may be selected where a tough, durable, high solids, high gloss finish
with outstanding depth is required. It is designed to be cured by oven drying.
HONEST 2 Pack Platinum MS Clear may be selected where a durable, medium solids, high gloss finish
with outstanding depth is required. Use where high productivity and fast through put is required.
2 Pack Express Clear is specially designed for fast application and high productivity spot repair and
rectification work.
2 Pack Iso-Free Clear may be selected when a faster air drying, easily compounded and polished 2 Pack
clear is needed.
Refer to the relevant Product Information Sheets for application details.
Drying Times
HONEST Basecoat will air dry at ambient temperatures. At -25°C the paint film will be-
Dust Free in 5-10 minutes
Touch Dry in 10-15 minutes
Hard Dry in 25-30 minutes
Approximately 10m²/litre when applied in 2 coats.
Clean up
Clean all equipment with HONEST  thinner.
Store in a cool dry place. Always replace lid securely after use. Stir tinters regularly. Unopened cans of Base
Coat have a shelf life of up to 2 years.
Health & Safety
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear overalls, gloves and goggles. Avoid breathing vapour or spray mist.
Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
See the Material Safety Data Sheet for full details.
Standard Packaging
HONEST Basecoat Colour tinters
Product Code Size
BC(insert tinter no.)1 1 litre
BC(insert tinter no.)4 4 litre
The information contained in this bulletin is presented in good faith based on thorough laboratory and field-testing but without warranty. As we have
no control over the conditions under which these products are used, it is recommended that all products be tested by the end user to ensure the
suitability of the product for the particular application and conditions.


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