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Highly Reflective Marking Paint


Highly reflective marking paint for use over any bituminous surface or color coating system in recreational
or light traffic areas. The finished application is non-glaring, highly resistant to climatic conditions, fast
drying easily applied, and provides excellent hiding. Line Paint will not cause crazing, cracking,
peeling, or deterioration to asphalt that is typical of solvent-type traffic paints. Also available as a texture
line paint coatings fine silica fillers.
Asphalt and color-coated or concrete surfaces:
• Tennis Courts
• Play Areas
• Asphalt Shingles
• Curbs and Berms
• Running Tracks
• Parking Lots
• Restricted Travel Roadways
(Not subjected to wet abrasion)
�� Brush �� Spray and Marking Equipment
�� Roller �� Airless Spray
• 30 minutes to one hour – 1 coat
White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black
Approximately 150-0 square feet per gallon.
(One gallon generally required for one doubles tennis court, 481 linear feet – 2” wide).
• Apply only when ambient temperature is 50°F and rising.
• Do not apply when rain or high humidity is imminent.
• Not for application on general use roadways subjected to skidding tires, snowplows, or chains.
• Keep from freezing. Do not store in hot sun.
• Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
• Do not apply when surface temperature is less than 50°F or more than 140°F.
• Allow asphalt to cure at least 14 days.
See reverse side for application specifications.
The Line Paint, as designated on drawings and in specifications, for use over asphaltic and tar emulsion
surfaces including slurry coats, shall conform to the following characteristics and performance:
The paint shall be a 100% acrylic emulsion type containing no alkyds, butadiene styrene, or vinyls and
shall be thinned with water only. The paint shall also be suitable for application by brush, spray, or roller.
All materials used in the manufacturing of paint shall be of good commercial quality entirely suitable for
the purpose intended under normal conditions for use. For white color, the opaque portion of the pigment
shall be rutile titanium dioxide and the vehicle shall consist of 100% acrylic polymer dispersed in water
together with the minimum amounts of necessary additives; such as pigment dispersents, anti-foaming
agents, and preservatives; but no driers shall be used.
The white paint shall meet a minimum requirement of total solids (percent by weight or paint) of 51.5%
and a maximum pigment content (percent by weight of paint) of 36%. The white paint shall contain not
less than three pounds per gallon of treated rutile titanium dioxide. A minimum fitness of grind of 4 and a
viscosity of 80 minimum and 95 maximum is required. The paint shall brush easily and have
good flowing, leveling, and spreading characteristics and shall be suitable for application by spray
equipment or rollers.
This paint shall be suitable for use over all types of bituminous surfaces and, when applied over emulsified
asphalt, it shall not cause lifting, crazing, peeling, or other damage to the base.


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