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Hydraulic Fluid Resistant Non-slip Finishes


HJ-132 Non-slip is a 3-component flexible, matt
polyurethane walkway coating for marked overwing escape routes and
cargo floor panels.
- Non slip material has been incorporated in the base component.
- Product can be applied by regular air spray techniques.
Hardener Thinner
Thinner HJ-908(normal conditions, flashpoint <21°C)
Thinner HJ-907 (warm conditions, flashpoint >21°C)

Surface Conditions
- Observe the re-coatability limits of the relevant primer/topcoat.
- Remove oil, grease and other contaminants prior to application of the
- Recondition aged primers or topcoats with e.g. type A
very fine till a uniform matt surface.
- Remove dust with e.g. tack rags prior to application of the finish.
Instruction for Use
100 parts
100 parts
HJ-132 Non-slip
Reduce to spraying viscosity with:
Max. 25 parts Thinner HJ-6054 or Thinner HJ-907
Mixing Ratio
- Allow products to acclimatize to room temperature before use
- Stir or shake Finish HJ-321S Non-slip till all pigment is
uniformly dispersed before adding hardener.
- Add HJ-707 and stir the catalyzed mixture thoroughly.
- Add thinner and stir again till a homogeneous mixture.
Induction Time 15 – 30 minutes after mixing
Initial Spraying
35 – 50 seconds ISO-Cup 4
17 – 24 seconds Gardner Signature Zahn-Cup #2.
2 hours
Dry Film
130 – 0 micron (μm)
5.1 – 7.9 mils
Conditions Temperature:
Relative Humidity:
15 – 35ºC
59 – 95ºF
35 – 75%
Note Finish HJ-321S Non-slip may be applied in conditions
outside of the limits shown above. Care must be excercised to ensure a
satisfactory result.
Equipment Gravity feed Air spray gun
1.8 mm nozzle orifice
Apply three cross-coats with 30 minutes flash-off time in between
Cleaning of
Solvent Cleaning
Note The way of application, skills and experiences of the painter and
surrounding conditions (temperature, relative humidity, airspeed)
significantly affect the final appearance and dry film thickness. When using
the product for the first time it is strongly recommended to apply some test
panels first.
Physical Properties
Drying Times
(21ºC/70ºF, 55%
Dry through. 16 hours
6.1 m2 per liter base at 130 μm dry film thickness
250 ft2 per gallon base at 5.1 mil dry film thickness
Dry film weight 1.75 g/m2/μm
0.0091 lbs/ft2/mil
Gloss (60º) Matt

Flash-point Finish HJ-321S Non-slip
Thinner HJ-6054
Thinner HJ-907
>21ºC / 70ºF
>21ºC / 70ºF
<21ºC / 70ºF
>21ºC / 70ºF
Store the product dry and at a temperature between 5 and 25ºC / 41 and
77ºF. Stored in the original unopened containers.
HJ-132 Non-slip
Thinner HJ-6054
Thinner HJ-907
24 months
24 months
36 months
36 months
Safety Precautions
Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations. Check
the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and label of the individual products
carefully before using the products. The MSDS’s are available on request.
IMPORTANT NOTE The information in this data sheet is not intended to be exhaustive and is based on the present state of our
knowledge and on current laws: any person using the product for any purpose other than that specifically recommended in the
technical data sheet without first obtaining written confirmation from us as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose
does so at his own risk. It is always the responsibility of the user to take all necessary steps to fulfill the demands set out in the local
rules and legislation. Always read the Material Data Sheet and the Technical Data Sheet for this product if available. All advice we
give or any statement made about the product by us (whether in this data sheet or otherwise) is correct to the best of our knowledge
but we have no control over the quality or the condition of the substrate or the many factors affecting the use and application of the
product. Therefore, unless we specifically agree in writing otherwise, we do not accept any liability whatsoever for the performance of
the product or for any loss or damage arising out of the use of the product. All products supplied and technical advice given is subject
to our standard terms and conditions of sale. You should request a copy of this document and review it carefully. The information
contained in this data sheet is subject to modification from time to time in the light of experience and our policy of continuous
development. It is the user's responsibility to verify that this data sheet is current prior to using the product.


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