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Lead Free Red Oxide Primer

Red Oxide Primer HJ-806 is a rust preventing lead-free general purpose primer
formulated for surfaces in a mild or moderate corrosive environment. Honest Red Oxide
Primer 8806 is also suitable where a non-toxic primer is required. Based on a modified
alkyd and pigmented with red iron oxide.
Modified Alkyd.
Recommended Use:
Were non toxic primer is required.
Surface Preparation:
All surface contamination such as oil, dirt, grease etc must be removed.
Physical Data (mix):
Color : Red/Brown
Flashpoint : >21°C
Volume Solids : 54%
VOC(Theoretical) : --
Application Details:
Mixing ratio : --
Thinner : White Spirit.
Application Data : Airless spray, brush, roller
Stir well before and during application
Temperature : min 4°C
Humidity : <85% RH
For airless spray:
Pump ratio : --
Tip No. : --
Paint outside pressure : --
Thinning : airless spray 15% (by volume)
: brush, roller 10% (by volume)
Film thickness wet : ---
Film thickness dry : 40μm
Spreading rate : 13.5m2/l (at DFT 40μm)
. Gallon (0.94 Liters)
1 Gallon (3.785 Liters)







Dry time
(at DFT 40μm)
Over coating intervals
(at DFT 40μ)

surface dry



9 hrs


hard dry



24 hrs





24 hrs





12 weeks


Pot life






Note: Drying times and over coating intervals will increase with increasing film
thickness. Before re-coating, always check that the existing paint film is through dry.
Health and Safety:
The minimum safety precautions in dealing with this paint are
a. observe the precautionary notice displayed on the container
b. provide adequate ventilation
c. avoid skin contact and inhalation of spray
d. if product comes into contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with warm water and
soap. If eyes are contaminated, rinse with water and seek medical advice
e. since the product contains flammable materials, keep away from sparks and open
flames. No smoking should be permitted in the area.
Safety Information:
When health, safety or environmental information is required a Health and Safety Data
sheet can be obtained from US.
Spreading Rate:
The spreading rate can vary depending on application conditions, the
geometrical complexity of the structure, the weather conditions, etc.
Volume Solids:
The volume solids figure given in this Technical Data Sheet is the
percentage of dry film obtained from a given wet film thickness under
specified application rate and conditions .
Over coating Intervals:
The intervals given assume preparation consistent with good painting
Theoretical quantity of organic compounds in g/l
Red Oxide Primer HJ-806 can be applied to a blast-cleaned and/or shop primed
substrate which is uncontaminated and intact. Not suitable for continuous immersion.
Minimum steel temperature for coating 4C/39F above the dew point. Application below
4C/39F or where the relative humidity is over 85% should be avoided.


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