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Marble Finish

Marble Finish is a special effect traditional product. Designed to suit today’s trends without losing quality and creating artistic attractive decorative effects.
Marble Finish is specially formulated for use on walls, ceilings and other curved surfaces, leaving a joint free finish. It is highly recommended for prestigious projects such as Luxury Villas, Hotels, Restaurants, Palaces, Malls, Mosques, Museums, and Art Galleries. The lightweight surface (maximum thickness 3 mm) enables architects to make considerable cost savings on basic construction costs. Each finish is individually designed to suit the tastes and requirements of the designers.
Wide range of colors available
Volume Solid:
62% +2%
Specific Gravity:
1.77 KG / ltr
Recommended DFT:
500 Microns
Spreading Rate@DFT:
1.24 m2 / ltr or
4.69 m2 / gallon
Flash Point:
94 oC
Drying Schedule:
@ 25 oC/R.H.50
Dry to Touch:
4 Hours
To Handle:
24 Hours
To Recoat:
12 Hours
Shelf Life:
12 months, unopened at 25 oC
Reducer/Clean Up:
Surface Preparation: Surface must be dry, clean and in sound condition. Remove oil, dust, dirt, millscale or other foreign substance to ensure good adhesion. To achieve the required finish we strongly recommend that only decorative effect trained craftsman applies this product.
Application Methods:
Trowel, Steel Spatula.
Concrete & Plastered Walls:
Latex Wall Primer
1 Coat
30 Microns DFT
Marble Finish
2 Coats
500 Microns DFT
per Coat
Gypsum Board:
Latex Wall Primer
1 Coat
30 Microns DFT
Marble Finish
2 Coats
500 Microns DFT
per Coat
Wood/Fiber Board:
Wall & Wood Primer
1 Coat
50 Microns DFT
Marble Finish
2 Coats
500 Microns DFT
per Coat
Honest  Lacquer (W)
1 Coat
25 Microns DFT
• All surfaces must be treated with a key coat to ensure good adhesion of the product to the background surface.
• Finishes must be mixed with water and then applied in a number of thin layers to build a thickness of 2-3 mm.
• When dry, color washing may be necessary for some of the finishes.
• After curing, surface could be oiled and/or waxed according to the architects specification.
• For use in bathrooms or kitchens the surface can be treated with water proofing sealer.
• Adjacent surfaces cannot be plastered simultaneously. Work areas should be staggered to allow adjoining surfaces to dry.
*For further information on recommended products please refer to our specifications.
Excessive reduction of material can affect the film build, appearance, and adhesion.
Application Methods:
Apply under well-ventilated conditions. Do not breathe or inhale mist. When spraying, wear air mask. Avoid skin contact. Spillage on skin should immediately be removed with suitable cleanser, soap and water. Eyes should be flushed with water and medical attention sought immediately.

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