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Marine Spar Varnish


A premium quality, high gloss clear finish containing 100% phenolic varnish
and an effective ultraviolet filter. Formulated for marine use. Lead, mercury and
chromate free.
For industrial, commercial and marine use on exterior weather exposed wood
surfaces. For use on a wide variety of substrates such as wood trim, hatches, doors,
transoms, decks, paneling and spars.
The Marine Spar Varnish with Ultraviolet Filteris a hard, high gloss,
marine varnish for use where a heavy duty, tough, water repellent, mar resistant
finish is desired. Formulated for marine use. Contains 100% phenolic varnishes for
maximum durability and water resistance. Contains an effective ultraviolet filter to
help screen out the destructive UV rays in sunlight. Easy to apply to a beautiful finish.
Lead, mercury and chromate free.
Clear (See note on back)
Nonvolatile - By weight - 52.0 + 1.0%
By volume - 41.0 + 1.0%
VOC (Calculated) - 3.82 lbs./gal.
458 grams/liter
Flash Point - 108°F
Weight per gallon - 8.0 + 0.2 lbs.
Recommended Film Thickness - 1.0 mils dry, 2.4 mils wet
Theoretical Coverage @ 1.0 mils dry - 657 sq. ft./gal
Method - Brush, flat applicator or spray
Thinner - HJ-175 or Mineral Spirits
Dry time @ 75oF - To touch - 30 minutes
To handle - 4 hours
To recoat - 16 hours
Consists of - 1 Gallon Unit 5 Gallon Unit
Unit Shipping Weight 9 lbs. 43 lbs.
Shelf Life - 12 months minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in
protected storage @ 40-100°F (subject to reinspection thereafter).
Consult us for the best suited for your requirements.
Limitations: Apply in good weather when air and
surface temperatures are above 40oF and surface temperature
is at least 5oF above the dew point. For
optimum application properties, material should be between
70 to 100oF prior to mixing and application.
Maintain unmixed material in closed containers in protected
storage at 40 - 100oF. NOTE: Phenolic resins
have a characteristic amber color. This product is not
recommended for use where this amber color would be
undesirable, such as over a colored stain or paint.
Surface Preparation: Good surface preparation is
essential to a satisfactory coating system. Surfaces to
be coated must be clean and dry. Remove all dust, dirt,
oil, wax, polish and any other surface contamination.
New or Unfinished Surfaces: Wood - New wood
should be sanded with fine sand paper following with the
grain. Remove all sanding dust by vacuuming and/or
dusting the surface with a “tack” cloth. Fill knot holes and
cracks with the appropriate putty or filler. Sand the filled
areas smooth and remove dust. Stain if desired with
Penetrating Wood Finish HJ-071 series for interior
surfaces or with Exterior Oil
Stain and Wood Preservative for exterior surfaces.
Experiment with scrap wood to determine the suitability
of the finish. Ferrous metal: Remove rust and prime with
Rust Inhibiting Primer followed by the desired
color (See “note” in limitations above). For
clear finish on metal, all rust should be removed by
sanding or other effective means.
Previously Finished Surfaces - Repair all damaged
areas. Remove loose and badly cracked paint by wire
brushing, scraping, sanding or other method to provide
a sound surface. Sand smooth all rough areas and
feather edge areas of peeled coatings. Remove gloss
from previous coatings by sanding. Spot prime all bare
areas with the appropriate primer. Since this is a clear
finish, previous finishes must be in good condition before
coating. If the previous finish is not in good condition
it must be completely removed and the surface finished
as in new surfaces. If surface was previously coated
with Marine Spar Varnish and is in
good condition, sand lightly to remove gloss and touch
up bare areas with 100% Phenolic Marine
Spar Varnish. If doubt exists concerning compatibility of
this coating with the previous system, apply
coating to a representative area (25 square feet minimum)
and allow to cure and age several weeks. Then
inspect for adhesion failure, wrinkling, lifting, blistering
or any other sign of incompatibility. If there are no signs,
coating work can proceed.
Mixing: This is a one component coating. Always hand
mix thoroughly with a paddle before application. Do not
mix excessively to avoid entraining air in the coating.
Thinning: This product is supplied at normal brushing
viscosity. If thinning is necessary thin up to 1/2 pint per
gallon with HJ-179 for brush. Thin up to
1/2 pint per gallon with HJ-179 for
Application: Apply by brush, lambswool applicator or
conventional or airless spray. Roller application is not
recommended. Apply at 2.4 mils wet film thickness
which will yield 1.0 mils dry film thickness.
Equipment: Brush - Use a good quality bristle brush.
Conventional sprayr. Airless Spray - Minimum of 28:1 ratio
pump, .011"-.013" orifice tip, 1/4" ID material hose.
Cleanup: Clean all equipment immediately after use
with HJ-179 or mineral spirits. Completely
flush all spray equipment with either of these
solvents. Occasional flushing of spray equipment during
the course of the working day helps prevent buildup
and possible clogging.
Safety: Safe storage, handling and use dictate that
adequate health and safety precautions be observed
with this product and any recommended thinners. User
is specifically directed to consult the current Material
Safety Data Sheet for this product as well as precautions
contained on product labeling.
Notice: The technical data contained herein are true
and accurate to the best of our knowledge. All products
are offered and sold subject to our Conditions of Sale. Published
technical data and instructions are subject to change
without prior notice.


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