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Oil Red Oxide Primer

Product Description
A general purpose red oxide primer based on
long oil alkyd resin.
Recommended Use
For use on structural steel to be topcoated with oil based
finish coats.
Outstanding Characteristics
- Rust Preventing
- Excellent sprayability
- Excellent flexibility
- Good Resistance in mildly to moderate corrosive
Surface Preparation
Remove oil and grease, etc. with suitable detergent.
Remove salt and other contaminants by (high pressure)
fresh water cleaning.

Technical Data
Finish Flat
Colour Red-Brown
Volume Solids 48 ± 2%
Specific Gravity 1.5 ± 0.05 gr/cm3
Flash Point 38 °C
Recommended D.F.T. 40 - 60 microns
Theoretical coverage 12-8 sqm/lit
8-5.3 sqm/kg
Practical Coverage Depends on loss factor
Touch dry 3 hrs at °C
Hard dry 7 days at °C
Shelf life 12 months at 25 °C
Thermal Resistance 100°C
package liter container
Application Details
Application method Air/Airless spray,
Brush, Roller
Nozzle orifice .018"-.021"
Nozzle pressure 150 bar / 20 Psi
Application temperature 10 - 50 °C
Mixing ratio single pack
Thinner/Cleaner HONEST- 21
Pot life N/A
Recoat interval Min 24 hrs
Max 1 months
Application Procedure
1. Flush all equipment with recommended cleaner before use.
2. Stir the product thoroughly with a power mixer.
3. For conventional spray, thin with no more than 15% of
recommended thinner for workability. For airless spray 5% of
thinner is normally sufficient.
4. Apply a wet coat by parallel passes. Overlap each pass 50%
to avoid bare areas, pinholes or holidays.
5. Double coat all welds, rough spots, sharp edges, rivets,
bolts, etc. to ensure proper thickness.
6. Check thickness of dry coating with a non-destructive dry
film thickness gauge. Recoat if greater thickness is required.
Note: If the maximum recoating interval is exceeded,
roughening of the surface is necessary to ensure intercoat
Before recoating after exposure in contaminated environment,
clean the surface thoroughly by (high pressure) fresh water
hosing and allow to dry.
7. Random pinholes, holidays and small damaged or bare areas
can be touched up by brush when the film is dry to touch.
Larger areas should be resprayed.
8. In confined areas ventilate with clean air during application
and drying until all solvents are removed.
9. Clean all equipment with recommended cleaner immediately
after use.
Surface temperature must be at least 3°C above dew point.
Relative humidity during application should be less than 80%.
Do not apply coatings under reverse environmental conditions.
This product is flammable. Keep away from heat
and open flame. Keep container closed. Avoid
prolonged and repeated contact with skin.
Since improper use and handling can be hazardous
to health and cause fire or explosion, safety
precautions included with application instructions
must be observed during all storage, handling, use
and drying periods.
If used in confined areas:
- circulate adequate fresh air continuously during
application and drying.
- Use fresh air masks and explosion proof
- Prohibit all flames, sparks, welding and smoking
- Take precautionary measures against static
Keep away from food products.
Storage and Handling
The products must be stored in accordance with
national regulations.
The products should be kept in a cool and well
ventilated place protected from heat and direct
sunlight. Containers must be kept tightly closed.
Handle with care. Stir well before use.
The informations in this data sheet is given to the
best of our knowledge based on laboratory testing
and practical experience.
However we reserve the right to change the given
data without notice.
Any recommendation relating to the use of the
products, is based on data believed to be reliable. It
is buyer to satisfy itself of the suitability of the
product for its own particular use .
As the product is often used under conditions
beyond our control, we cannot guarantee anything
but the quality of the product itself.


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