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One-Coat Aluminum Fire Resistance Coating


An air-dried, solvent based, fire resistant and ablative surface coating.
Intended Uses To provide protection on a wide variety of substrates and surfaces against
open flame, jet fire and high radiant heat.
Color Beige
Gloss Flat
Volume Solids 73.5%
Typical Thicknesses 1/64” to 1/4” (15-250 mils)
depending on design application
Theoretical Coverage ft2/gal at 60 mils (1/16”)
Practical Coverage Allow appropriate loss factors
Method of Application Airless Spray, Brush, Roller
Drying Time Tack Free 60 Minutes
Stackable 40 Hours
Full Cure 30 Days
Times are based on mil thickness
at 68°F (°C) with 50% humidity
after spray application. Allow more
time for increased thickness and
Flash Point 45°F (7°C)
Product Weight 10.27 lbs / gal (Approx. 1.23 kg/L)
Viscosity Approx. 17,500 cps at 25°C (#6 @ rpm)
The surface to be coated must be properly prepared
in accordance with good painting practice. The surface must also be clean of
all residual oil, moisture, dust, frost or other contaminates that may have
formed. When in doubt, soak rags in solvent or tri-sodium phosphate
(TSP) solution and thoroughly wipe down all surfaces to be coated. As the
solvent evaporates, make certain any frost, moisture or oil deposits have
been removed. In areas where spot rusting has occurred, be sure all loose
rust, scale, etc. is removed.
To provide proper protection against corrosion, all substrates should be
primed with a proven compatible primer.
Before commencing work it is vitally important to determine the compatibility
of Honest joy with the primers. Due to aromatic solvents in the
coating, Honest joy applied to non-compatible surfaces will have a
softening, or in some cases, a total paint removal effect on the primed
surfaces. Honest joy has shown suitable compatibility with the
following type of high quality, properly cured primers:
1. A fast drying, high solids, low VOC, heavy metal free, rust
inhibitive, universal, alkyd metal primer that has been dried and
well cured for at least 7 days at 70° F prior to Honest joy
2. Most two-component epoxy primers.
3. Aluminum surfaces must be primed with a vinyl-wash primer. Be
sure to follow the surface preparation and application
procedures as recommended by the coating manufacturer.
Mixing This material is a one-component coating and should
always be mixed thoroughly with a power agitator until
Airless Spray Recommended for use with the Airless
Electric Sprayer using a 31 thousandths Tip with a fluid
pressure of 1,800 p.s.i. (3,300 p.s.i. Max.), at 1.25
gpm (contact us for further Info.)
Air Spray
(Pressure Pot)
Not Recommended. However the coating may be
diluted with solvent to an acceptable viscosity for
investigation with this method. (Contact us for
Brush Suitable for touch-up and small areas.
Roller Suitable for touch-up and small areas.
Thinner Not normally required and not recommended with an
airless sprayer.
Work Stoppage Thoroughly flush all equipment with solvent. All
unused material should be stored in tightly closed
Partially filled containers may show surface skinning or
viscosity increase after storage.
Clean up Clean all equipment immediately after use with
solvent. It is good working practice to periodically flush
out spray equipment.
Frequency of cleaning will depend on amount sprayed,
temperature and elapsed time, including any delays.
All surplus materials and empty containers should be
disposed of in accordance with appropriate local
Mechanical mixing of Honest joy is required to assure uniformity of
blended ingredients and proper material viscosity. For best results, use of an
air operated motor or explosion proof electric mixer is recommended.
Maximum Build-up is best achieved with airless spray. Low or high
temperatures may require specific application Techniques to achieve proper
dry times, and uniformity.
Surface Temperature must always be 5°F (3°C) above dew point.
HJ-1091C should be sprayed at a constant fluid temperature of 75-
80°F (24-27°C) whenever possible. Pail and Drum heaters can be used to
achieve this temperature
The Finished surface should be uniform and free of voids. Avoid using a
mixture of application methods whenever possible.
This Product is intended for use by professional applicators in industrial
situations in accordance with the advice given on this . We will
provide Material Safety Data Sheets to its customers.
All work involving the application and use of this product should be
performed in compliance with all relevant, Health, Safety & Environmental
standards and regulations.
If in doubt regarding the suitability of use of this product, consult Honest joy
for further advice.


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