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Phenolic Alkyd Metal Primer


Generic Type: Phenolic Alkyd
Description: HJ-616 is a phenolic alkyd metal primer.
It conforms to Specification HJ-616 It is
designed for a primer for use in situations where
quick recoat & topcoat times are necessary. HJ-616
forms a tight rust inhibitive film, sanding between
coats is unnecessary. HJ-616 may be quickly top
coated with a variety of coatings. It is well suited for
use in steel fabrication including tanks, storage
vessels and a variety of other equipment where high
production rates are required.
• High Solids
• Economical
• Fast drying
• Quick recoat & topcoat times
Solids Content: 61% by volume
Theoretical Coverage:
• 978 mil ft²
• 326 ft²@ 3 mil
Allow for loss during mixing & application.
VOC Value:
• As supplied 340 G/L
Surface must be clean and dry. Free of all dirt, dust,
oil, contaminants, loose rust and mil scale.
Steel surfaces: Min. SSPC-SP1 Solvent cleaning.
Galvanized Steel: Not recommended
Previously painted surfaces: Surface must be
sufficiently roughened, either by abrasive blasting, or
mechanical abrasion.
Spray Application:
Tip size .013
Output PSI- 00-2300
Brush & Roller: Recommended only for touchup

Spray: Up to 12 oz/ gal with HJ-150
Brush & Roll Up 12 oz/gal with Thinner HJ-190
Pre-application: Flush all equipment with HJ-150
Temperature: Application range from 60F-100F
surface temperature. Do not apply below 50F.
Method: Apply one coat maintaining a wet edge to
achieve a wet film thickness of 4-5 Mils. Film
thickness is quickly and easily achieved. Dry film
thickness over 6 mils is not recommended.
Inspection: Visually inspect for voids in coating
film. A second coat in contrasting color is
recommended for adequate hiding.
Clean up & Disposal: After use, immediately flush
all equipment with HJ-150. Dispose of all
containers, solvents, and unused material in
accordance with local, state
Times based on 75F
Dry to touch: min
Dry to recoat: 30 min
Dry to topcoat: 30 min
Final cure: 24 hrs
Dry times are widely affected by weather
conditions and film thicknesses.
Unit sizes: 1&5 gallon containers
Shipping weight: 13 lbs/gal
Flash point: 60° F


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