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Phenolic Two Component Epoxy Coating


General Properties
A high solids Phenolic two component epoxy coating for sustained immersion service with excellent resistance
to a wide range of chemicals and solvents. This chemical resistant lining provides exceptional resistance to a broad
range of temperatures and pressures. Use HJ-SN as a two-coat system applied directly to properly prepared steel.
Does not contain MDA (Methylenedianiline) or DEMDA.
Recommended Uses
For use in oil and petroleum storage tanks, process chemical tanks, high-pressure crude oil pipes and separation tanks.
May be used under insulation up to 4oC (400oF). Also recommended for atmospheric exposure service in corrosive environments
where protection is required.
Product Information

Methods of Application
Drying Time - Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Film Thickness will affect dry and re-coat times.


Touch Dry

Hard Dry


Overcoat Interval


oC (68oF)

2 - 3 hours

24 hours

16 hours

4 days

24 hours

Recommended Primer
Self Priming
Self Priming
Not recommended
Not recommended
Surface Preparation
Surface to be coated must be clean, dry and free from loose mill scale, weld spatter and other contaminants. All mill
scale and weld spatter must be removed for maximum performance. A minimum SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast
Cleaning is recommended for atmospheric exposure and a minimum SSPC-SP10 Near White Metal Blast Cleaning is
required for immersion service. Blast cleaned surfaces must be coated before "flash rusting" is allowed to occur. Two
coats of this product at recommended film thickness are required for immersion service.
Typical Resistance

Coating System
Apply two stripe coats on all welds and sharp edges. HJ-SN is applied in a two coat system at 6.5 - 10 mils wet (168
- 250 microns) per coat for a total dry film thickness (DFT) of 10 - 12 mils (250 - 300 microns). Maximum DFT shall not
exceed 18 mils (450 microns). Use contrasting colors for each coat. Before returning to service, allow tank lining to cure
for seven days with ventilation at 25oC (77oF) for maximum performance and chemical resistance.
Do not apply below 13oC (55oF) or if the dew point is within 3oC (5oF) of the ambient temperature. Not for potable water.
Not recommended for immersion in inorganic acids. Thinning not recommended.
Mixing Instructions
Mix components A and B together with good agitation. Continue mixing for 5 minutes. Allow mixed material to stand
(induction time) for 15 minutes. This waiting period allows the two components to blend together and insures that
proper curing will take place.
Safety Precautions
This product is for industrial use only. Forced air ventilation should be provided when this product is used in confined
areas such as tank interiors. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for proper health and safety information.
Storage and Handling
18oC (65oF) TCC
Mixed = 13 lbs/gal (container extra)
Cool, dry, well ventilated area.
1 gallon 5 gallon
Some package sizes or colors may be by special order only. Please check with us when ordering.
Warranty Disclaimer
. In the event that this product is defective or in any way unsuitable for the application for which it is sold, we
will replace the product free of charge. 

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