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Product Description
HT -9886 is baking hard topcoat enamel based on
modified saturated polyester resin.
Recommended use
For use on metal surfaces (specially nonferrous
metals) where a hard, glossy and adherant finish
coat is required, specially in roll coating.
Outstanding Characteristics
- Excellent gloss & color retention.
- Excellent sprayability
- High adhesion to different metallic surfaces.
- Good hardness.
Surface Preparation
The surface must be clean, dry and free from rust,
mill scale, salt and loose paint. Sand blasting or wire
brushing to a standard of ST 2 is required.

Technical Data



Gloss, Semi gloss,


 Upon request

Volume solids

 46± 2%

Specific Gravity

1.1± 0.01 gr/cm³


40-60 μ

Flash point


Theoretical coverage

11.5-9.2 sqm/lit 9.2-7.36 sqm/kg

Practical Coverage

Depends on loss factor

Flash of time

 10-15 min

Baking temperature

150-160º C

Baking timer

25-30 min

Shelf life

12 months


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