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HONEST HJ4, part of the HONEST Ironwork
Reinstatement System, is a two component, fast setting polyester resin
mortar. With a proven track record across many applications, HONEST
HJ4 is particularly suitable for the rapid installation and reinstatement
of manhole frames, gully grates, kerbs and street furniture in heavily
trafficked areas.
To avoid unnecessary waste, HONEST HJ4 is supplied as a two
component system, which contains 2 equal parts of resin and 2 parts
of activator/filler. Always use 1 tin of resin to 1 pack of filler/activator.
When laying the material, a minimum thickness of 5mm and a maximum
of 50mm should be observed. HONEST HJ4 can achieve 60 N/mm2
compressive strength in one hour and is ideal for use as a bedding
material for rapid construction .
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from loose particles. Any
contamination of oil, grease, paint, etc., must be removed prior to
application. Always work on a sound and level substrate.
HONEST HJ4 should be mixed thoroughly with a forced action mixer or
vigorously by hand with an appropriate tool. Add 1 tin of resin to 1 unit of
filler/activator. Pour all the resin from the tin into the outer bucket and slowly
add the filler until a homogeneous mix is attained. Mix only enough material
to apply in 4 minutes. Do not part mix. Use immediately after mixing.
The bedding material should be placed on the supporting structure
immediately and used within 4 minutes of mixing. The frame should be
lowered into position using suitable lifting equipment and placed on the
bedding mortar, ensuring it is fully supported. Check that the frame does
not overhang the mortar at any point. Care should be taken to prevent
voids in the bedding material under the frame, particularly in the vicinity of
the cover seating. Once the bedding material has reached its initial set,
the backfill material HONEST QC10 can be placed.
Health & Safety
Keep containers closed when not in use. Avoid inhalation of fumes and
contact with eyes and skin. Ensure work is carried out in well-ventilated
areas with appropriate local extraction. The use of protective clothing,
including gloves, goggles and respiratory equipment should be worn
If not well ventilated. The product can be removed from the skin by
washing with plenty of water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and
seek immediate medical attention. In case of contact with eyes rinse
immediately with water and seek medical advice.
Features & Benefits
• Part of the HONEST Ironwork
Reinstatement System
• Suitable for depths of 5-50mm
• Excellent compressive and tensile strengths
• Can be applied at 0°C
• Open to early trafficking
• Complies with the Department of Transport Design Manual for
Roads & Bridges: Mortars for Bedding Ironwork.
Physical Properties

Test Age

Compressive Strength* (N/mm2)

Strength* (N/mm2)

1 hour



2 hours



28 days Workability Setting time

85.0 5-10 minutes * 15 minutes *


*Depending on temperatures – test carried out at °C. Cool temperatures retard, warm
temperatures accelerate product performance.
Design Manual for Roads & Bridges – Volume 4, Section 2
Which States:
The material should be non–shrink.
The materials should have a minimum workable life of 15 minutes.
The compressive strength should exceed 30N/mm2 in 3 hours.
The tensile strength should exceed 5N/mm2 in 3 hours.
Product Details


25kg plastic containers delivered on polythene shrink-wrapped pallets


Filler/activator: Store in a dry place at temperatures between 5°-25°C. Avoid frost


Resin: Flammable/combustible. Keep away from oxidisers, heat and flames. Store in tightly closed original container in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep in original container. Avoid contact with oxidising agents

Shelf Life

Shelf life in correct conditions for


sealed containers is 6 months. High temperatures and high humidity will lead to a reduced shelf life


Approximately 1 x 400mm x 400mm Standard Ironwork Cover and Frame


@ 25mm, dependant on bed depth, brickwork and substrate.


12.5 litres (approximately)


Golden Brown (colour can vary)


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