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Quick Dry High Performance Zinc Phosphate Primer
HJ-76 is a fast dry alkyd zinc phosphate primer, containing an optimum blend of pigments
to provide good corrosion resistance.
Uses and
HJ-76 is a high performance alkyd zinc phosphate primer for the protection of steel
surfaces. Easy to apply by spray with fast dry characteristics.
F Excellent for use as a shop primer in prefabrication work.
F May be left uncoated for up to 6 months. (Mild exposure conditions)
F Zinc chromate free.
F Very fast drying.
F Suitable for top coating with a variety of single and two pack products.
As a shop primer with appropriate top coat for use on steel substrates such as structural steel, mild
steel, piping and equipment and tank exterior surfaces, to provide good corrosion protection in mild or
moderate environments. Not recommended for direct application to galvanised steel or zinc dust
primers unless an appropriate barrier coat is used such as HJ-002.
Systems Substrate Surface Preparation Typical Systems dft mm
Abrasive blast clean to AS
1627.4 Class 2 ½.
1ST Coat: HJ-76
2nd Coat: HJ-611 Spraying enamel �
Mild steel
Remove rust, clean and
1ST Coat: HJ-76
2nd Coat: HJ-611 Spraying enamel �
Solvent degrease and
abrade and clean.
1ST Coat: HJ-002
2nd Coat: HJ-76
3Rd Coat: HJ-611 Spraying enamel �
� Other top coats may be suitable. Refer overleaf.

General Data



May be left uncoated for up to 6 months (Mild exposure conditions)


Low lustre

Chemical Resistance

Not normally recommended.

Abrasion Resistance



Not normally recommended

Temperature Range

Up to 10 C dry heat.


Grey and Beige


Usually top coated with HJ-611 and HJ-063 Enamels. After 24 Hrs at 250 C drying, may be top coated with most two pack enamels.

Shelf Life

24 Months

Application Data Theoretical Coverage Volume Solids Drying Time (@ 25ºC, 50% R.H.) Mixing Thinning Equipment Safety Precautions

9.2 Sq Metres per litre at 40 mm dry film thickness. (Wet film thickness 110 μm). 37% Dust free: 10 Minutes. Touch Dry: 30 Minutes. Hard dry: 4 Hrs. May be top coated with two pack enamels after 24 hours drying. NOTE: The figures quoted for drying and recoating times are not definitive. They are dependent on site conditions, ambient and surface temperatures, weather and ventilation. Stir thoroughly until uniform. Conventional spray application: Use up to % THINN 737. Thinner 054 may be used for hot windy conditions. Conventional spray: Use 0-270 kPa pot pressure and 400 kPa atomising pressure. Airless spray: Thinning not required. Use tip orifice 325-375 microns, (13 – 15 thou). Apply at 12-14 MPa atomising pressure. Contents are flammable. Keep away from fire or naked flame or sparks. Keep away from children. Read Material Safety Data Sheet. When mixing or applying wear goggles and gloves and ensure good ventilation. When spraying, wear appropriate protective clothing and air supply. If splashed on skin, wash with soap and water. Adequate forced ventilation must be provided in confined spaces.

Technical information given verbally or in writing is based on knowledge and research, given in good faith and believed to be reliable, but no
guarantee of accuracy is made or implied. Since methods and conditions of use are beyond our control, all merchandise is sold and received subject
to the condition that our liability whether express or implied for any defect in quality, or for any lack of fitness for the specified use thereof, is limited to
the return of the purchase price if written claim is made within 14 days from date of delivery. It is recommended that the user makes his or her own
tests to determine the suitability of the product for his own requirements. Freedom from patent restrictions is not implied.


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