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Quick Drying Acrylic Lacquer

HJ-641 is a semi flexible finish coat specially formulated for bumpers and plastic
parts. It is a single pack quick drying acrylic lacquer. By varying the thinner ratio and spray technique a
variable textured finish can be obtained.
HJ-641 is suitable for application to previously primed plastic automotive bumper bars, louvres,
grilles and other black trim components.
NB: Not suitable for soft P.V.C and Vinyl surfaces.
Colour – Black.
Gloss - satin
Texture may be varied.
Excellent petrol resistance.
Excellent adhesion
1 part HJ-641 should be thinned with up to 1.5 parts HJ-675 Multipurpose Thinners or
Acrylic thinner.
For a more heavily textured surface use less thinners.

Correctly prepared and primed ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene or Acrylic plastics.
Surface Preparation
1. New plastic components should be thoroughly cleaned and coated with HJ-09 plastic primer.
2. Old parts should be repaired and primed with HJ-55.
Ensure previously primed and sanded surface is free from wax, grease, dirt oil, etc.by thoroughly cleaning with
HJ-577 Prepwash.
Apply 3 coats using a Gravity or Suction feed spray gun with a 1.8-2.0 mm tip. Allow 10 minutes flash off time
between coats.
A textured coat may be achieved by reducing the quantity of thinner added and varying the spray gun setup as
required. For a coarse texture use low pressure and less thinner. For a finer texture use medium pressure and
less thinner. Do not use high pressure.
For the varying texture is obtained by changing the distance the nozzle is held from the
surface, varying the speed at which the nozzle travels and varying the flash off time between coats.
Practise and adjust thinner and spray technique before final application.
Drying Time
Touch dry in approximately 15 minutes at oC. Can be handled after approximately 2 hours drying at oC
Use  Thinners or crylic thinner.
Store in a cool dry place. Always replace the lid securely after use.

The information contained in this bulletin is presented in good faith based on thorough laboratory and field testing but without warranty. As we
have no control over the conditions under which these products are used, it is recommended that all products be tested by the end user to ensure
the suitability of the product for the particular application and conditions.


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