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Quick Drying One-pack Flexible Primer

A  is a quick drying , one-pack flexible adhesion primer for plastic.
Suitable for use on plastic automotive and non-automotive components.
Commonly used on plastic bumpers, spoilers, mudflaps, rear view mirrors, louvres, grilles and other plastic
trim pieces.
May be used over most plastics including polycarbonate, ABS, , acrylic and polypropylene. Not
suitable for High Density Polyethylene.For other plastics the applicator should perform testing to confirm that
it is suitable the job.
Where repairs are made and scratches need to be filled, use Black primer
Colour - Clear which ensures no problem with overspray.
Ensures excellent adhesion of colour coats and other primers to plastic surfaces.
Spplied ready for use.
Surface Preparation
Degrease surface with THINN and abrade carefully with a coarse Abrasive Pad. Degrease again
with THINN
1. Apply two single wet coats, allowing for a flash-off time of 5-10 minutes between coats. Use standard
suction spray gun set at 300-400 kPa. Use 1.4 - 1.6 mm tip
2. Allow 15- minutes before applying top coat.
3. May be over coated with suitable primers, Acrylic Lacquers, 2 Pack Colour and Basecoats. For application
to very flexible plastics, the addition of Honest to top coats is recommended.
Clean up
Clean up with THINNS .
Store in a cool dry place. Always replace the lid securely after use.
Flammable liquid. Ensure adequate ventilation during use.
See material safety data sheet.
The information contained in this bulletin is presented in good faith based on thorough laboratory and field testing but without warranty. As we
have no control over the conditions under which these products are used, it is recommended that all products be tested by the end user to ensure
the suitability of the product for the particular application and conditions.


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