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Reinforced Hybrid Epoxy Phenolic Lining.htm


A100% solids reinforced hybrid epoxy phenolic novolac lining designed
for underground storage tanks .
TYPICAL USE Internal tank lining for steel, fiberglass and concrete underground storage tanks, above ground
petroleum storage tanks, secondary containment areas, and other aggressive containment
BENEFITS - Gasoline and gasohol resistance - 100% methanol and ethanol resistance
- Excellent adhesion - Thick-film, single coat application (100-125+ mils)
- 10 or year warranty offered - Fast curing (Immersion service in 10-12 hours)

TECHNICAL DATA Weight (lbs/gal): 11.4 Pot Life (@100°F): 12 minutes
Volume Solids: 100% VOC (mixed lbs/gal): 0.18
Color(s): Green VOC (mixed g/l): 21
Hardness (Shore D min.): 75 Flash Point: 150°F
Recommended Thickness: 40-80 mils DFT (100-125+ mils DFT )
Temperature Resistance:
Non-Immersion, Dry Heat: 300°F (149°C)
Continuous immersion temperature resistance is dependent on particular reagent exposure.

COVAGE Theoretical Coverage*: 1604 sq. ft per gallon @ 1 mil dry
@ 40 mils: 40 sq. ft. per gallon
@ 80 mils: sq. ft. per gallon
@ 100 mils: 16 sq. ft. per gallon
@ 125 mils: 13 sq. ft. per gallon
*When ordering product, make allowances for any loss due to overspray, surface irregularities,
etc. (approx. 15 – %).
DRY & CURE SCHEDULE Drying schedule at temperatures indicated and 50% relative humidity:





Touch Dry
Dry Hard
Minimum Recoat

 7 hours
 12 hours
11 hours

 2 hours
 3 hours
 3 hours

1 hour
 2 hours
2 hours

Maximum Recoat

18 hours

5 hours

3 hours


30 hours

12 hours

7 hours

Post Curing: HJ-124 may be post cured to expedite curing or increase
chemical resistance for extremely aggressive environments. Post cure for a minimum of 2
hours at 250ºF or 6-8 hours at 150°F for maximum resistance.
SURFACE PREPARATION All surfaces must be clean and dry, free of dust, dirt, oil or other foreign matter. Steel surfaces
shall be abrasive blasted to SSPC SP-5/Nace No. 1 White Metal finish with a minimum 3 – 5
mil angular profile for best results. Concrete shall be abrasive blasted or etched with 10%
muriatic acid. Use of a primer is required for concrete to improve adhesion and minimize
APPLICATION EQUIPMENT Airless spray system . Remove suction tube and place
lower assembly in 5 gallon pail. Smaller areas may be trowel applied. Hoses should be 1/2” ID
minimum (no longer than 150 ft.), ending with a 10 ft. 3/8” whip hose. A reversible tip (.031-
.035) is suggested. Pressure at the pump should be 100 psi or maximum recommended by
equipment manufacturer. Teflon type packings recommended and are available from the pump
manufacturer. Keep in mind that airless spray application requires stopping periodically to flush
the lines with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK). Once product
temperature exceeds 125° F stop immediately and flush lines to avoid loss of the pump or other
spray equipment. “Spray Application Guidelines” are available upon request.
Plural component equipment is highly recommended for application. Utilize a pump with a 2:1
mix ratio . Also needed are (2) 3/8” inside
diameter x 12 long elemental static mixers which are available from . Heated tanks and
heated lines up to 150° F may be necessary. The resin fluid line should be 1/2” ID minimum
(recommended), the hardener fluid line should be 3/8” ID minimum (recommended), and the
high pressure solvent fluid line should be 1/4” ID minimum (recommended). A reversible tip
(.029 - .035) is suggested. Keep in mind that plural component application requires volumetric
check of the mix ratio (utilizing a ratio monitoring system) before and during the application
process. Any variation in product color during application will indicate the plural pump is off
ratio. “Spray Application Guidelines” are available upon request.
For heavily pitted or porous steel, the spray-roll-spray technique is recommended. Spray apply
approximately 50% of required film thickness followed immediately with a short nap roller or
squeegee to work material into bottom of pitted areas. Follow the rolled or squeegee
application with a spray application of the product to the remainder of the required film
thickness. We recommend thinning the material with 2% HJ-576 Thinner to facilitate in
this type of application. It is important to understand that this is a single coat, continuous
application procedure.
MIX RATIO 2:1 by volume.
APPLICATION CONDITIONS Apply at 5°F (3°C) above dew point. Use the following chart for preferred temperature and
humidity conditions. These conditions plus adequate ventilation must be maintained throughout
the curing cycle.

Substrate   Ambient   Humidity

Preferred   70-1°F   70-100°F   N/A

Minimum     55°F       55°F     5° above dew point

HANDLING Store at moderate temperatures (65-85ºF) prior to application for ease of handling and mixing.
Additional heating may be required and is recommended for spray application.
THINNING Up to 2% HJ-576 Thinner may be added, but is not normally required. Thinning reduces
hanging qualities of the lining and will slow curing. For airless spray equipment, add thinner
while the resin and hardener are being thoroughly mixed. For plural equipment, proportion
thinner between resin and hardener according to 2:1 mix ratio.
PRE-HEATING For airless application, heat each component to 95-105º F prior to mixing. For plural
application, viscosity of the resin and hardener varies. For best results, heat resin side to max
of 140° F and heat hardener side to max of 105° F.
MIXING For airless spray application, mechanically pre-mix each component one minute; then mix
combined compound with mechanical mixer at 400-600 rpm for 3 to 4 minutes. For plural
component application, pre-mix each component one minute; then use (2) 3/8” inside diameter
x 12 long elemental static mixers during the application process.
CLEAN UP Clean immediately with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK).
PACKAGING One unit forms approximately 4 gallons consisting of two components:
Resin: 5 Gallon Pail Hardener: 2 Gallon Pail
Also available in 55 gallon drums.
SHELF LIFE 2 years when stored at 75°F (24°C) unopened.

SAFETY This product is for industrial use only and should be installed by qualified coating and lining
specialists. Consult Material Safety Data Sheets for important health and safety information
prior to use.


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