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• Premium performance primer for Marine and Industrial
systems, including immersion service
• Resists topcoat pinholing
• Resistant to dry spray, mudcracking and topcoat
• Easy to mix - zinc pre-mixed into base component
• Easy application by brush, roller or spray
• Fast Dry-to-Recoat
• Good low temperature cure
• Good solvent resistance
• Safe - contains no lead or chromate pigments
• Versatile - can be used as the primer .
Performance Data (as part of a system):
• Salt Spray Resistance (Cyclic Prohesion Testing) 2500
hours - Excellent
• Immersion Resistance (5% Salt Solution)
2500 hours - Excellent

HJ-560 is a high performance, two
component, reinforced inorganic zinc-rich primer
designed for use as a cathodic primer for protecting
steel exposed to a variety of environments including
the following:
• Bridges and Steel Fabrications
• Steel ship hulls - all areas
• Pulp and Paper Mills
• Refineries
• Sewage or Waste Water Treatment Plants
• Chemical Process Industry
• Fertiliser Plants
• Mining Structures
• Bulk Storage Tanks
Limitations of Use:
• Do not topcoat with alkyd coatings
• Not suitable for solvent, chemical or fresh water
immersion service

Coating Type: Reinforced Inorganic Zinc Silicate
Colour: Green
Packaging: 1.25, 5 and 10 litre
Two component kits
Mix Ratio: 4 to 1 by volume
Gloss: Flat
Flash Point: 14oC
Thinner: 1/2 Thinner
Pot Life: 8 hours at 25oC
Induction Time: 15 minutes
Storage: Store under cool, dry conditions
Density: 2.15 kg per litre
VOC: 415 grams per mixed litre
Temperature Resistance: Max. 0°C Dry,
Theoretical Volume Solids (Mixed):
64% Wet/Dry Method
Theoretical Coverage Rate:
8.5 sq metres per litre at 75 microns dry
Recommended Film Thickness Per Coat:
50-100 microns dry
Application: Spray, brush or roller
Dry Times (75 μm DFT / 50% RH):
5oC 15oC 25oC
Touch Dry 2 Hrs 1 Hr ¾ Hr
Hard Dry 4.5 Hrs 1.5 Hrs 1 Hr
Minimum Recoat 2.5 Hrs 1.5 Hrs 1 Hr
Maximum Recoat Dependant on topcoat to be
used. Refer specification data.
All surfaces must be free of oil, grease and moisture.
Round off welds and sharp edges and remove weld
New Steel Surfaces:
Abrasive blast to a minimum of SSPC SP6 or Swedish
Standard Sa 2. A cleaner surface (ie SSPC SP10/Sa 2.5)
will improve primer and system performance. The steel
profile after blasting should be 30 to 50 microns in depth
and be of a jagged nature as opposed to a peen pattern.
After blasting, vacuum or blow off all grit and dust and
ensure the surface remains clean before painting.
Previously Painted Surfaces:
Remove old paint to bare metal. Prepare surface as for
new steel. Achieve a minimum of SSPC SP6 on rough or pitted steel.
HJ-560 Primer is a two component product
supplied in 1.25, 5 and 10 litre kits which contain the
correct ratio of ingredients. The entire contents of each
container must be mixed together.
The zinc metal is ready mixed in the base portion. Stir the
base portion thoroughly to obtain a smooth, homogeneous
condition. Whilst continuing to stir with a slow speed mixer
slowly add the liquid component. Continue to mix at slow
speeds to a homogeneous condition. Allow a 15 minute
induction time before using.
The pot life of the mixed material is 8 hours at 25oC.
Higher temperatures will reduce the working life of the
coating; lower temperatures will increase it.
Thinning in the range of 5% to 10% with Altex Thinner 1/2
may be required for optimum atomisation and wet film flow
out. At higher temperatures increased thinning may be
desirable for improved surface wetting and flow out.
HJ-560 Primer can be applied by spray, brush or
roller. Spray application by either airless or conventional
air spray equipment is the preferred method of application.
Apply HJ-560 Primer by brush and roller primarily
for touch-up and repair to small areas.
Suggested conventional spray equipment is:
- Delta Air spray gun, 2.8mm (0.110”) set up
(Note : Other equipment equivalent to the above may be
Care should be taken to ensure that the correct film
thickness is applied. Inorganic zinc coatings hide at very
low film builds. Rough or pitted steel requires higher dry
film thickness for optimum protection.
Use 1/2 thinner
For industrial use only. See the
General Safety Data Sheet, product label and Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for health and safety
information prior to use.
HJ-560 is flammable. Keep away from
heat, sparks and open flame. Use with adequate
ventilation. May cause eye and skin irritation. Do not
breathe vapour or spray. Wear suitable protective clothing
such as gloves and eye and face protection.

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