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Reinforced Trowel Applied Vinyl Ester Lining


The HJ-1717 is time-tested and proven
development in chemical-resistant surfacing. It is designed
especially for the protection of concrete and steel against the
attack of corrosive chemicals. It provides exceptional
resistance to strong acids (concentrated sulfuric) and
moderate to high concentrations of alkalis, as well as good
resistance to solvents and organics. HJ-1717 is trowel applied, in combination with a heavy-duty
reinforcing layer of fiberglass or synthetic cloth.
HJ-1712e is a silica filled system.
HJ-1711 Powder is used as the filler for this standard
HJ-1714 is an abrasion resistant system.
HJ-1716 Powder is used as the filler for abrasion
resistance. If hot caustic or fluorides are present use
HJ-1250 Powder to provide chemical resistance
as well as resistance to abrasion.
HJ-1718 is a carbon filled system. Use of
HJ-1719 Powder creates an electrically conductive
and non-sparking system. It also provides resistance to
fluorides, including hydrofluoric acid.
Typical Uses
• Tank lining • Concrete pipe lining
• Trench lining • Chimney lining
• Tank Pads • Equipment foundations
• Scrubber lining • Pump bases
• Piers • Secondary containment
• Floor covering
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Monolithic/seamless
• Low coefficient of expansion
• Superior permeation resistance
• Strong, durable corrosion barrier
Chemical Resistance
Additional information on the
chemical resistance properties will be furnished on request.

Surface Preparation
Metal - Steel must be abrasive blasted to “White Metal” for
optimum performance. (Refer to SSPC SP 5 (Sa3 (ISO 8501-
1:07)) or NACE Specification No. 1). A minimum abrasive
blast profile of 3 mils (75 microns) is required.
Concrete - Abrasive blasting or scarification to remove
laitance and surface contaminants is recommended.
Concrete must be thoroughly cured, free of oils, curing
solutions and mold release agents, dust and must be dry at
time of application. Use ASTM D 4263 (plastic sheet test
method) to ensure concrete is moisture free. If moisture is
detected, re-test until dry. Alternately test per ASTM 1869 for
maximum 3 lbs./24hrs., 1000 sq.ft.
1. The surfaces to be lined should be at a minimum
temperature of 50oF (10oC) for proper application.
2. Prime surfaces with HJ-A142 Primer. Allow to cure
tack free before proceeding.
3. Trowel base coat 1/16" (40-80 mils) thick.
4. Immediately press the fiberglass cloth into base coat.
5. Saturate by brushing or rolling on the saturating liquid until
whiteness of glass disappears. Allow to cure.
6. Trowel 1/16" (40-80 mils) topcoat as evenly as possible,
then smooth by brushing with Styrene Smoothing Liquid.
Allow to cure.

Mixing Ratio

By Volume

HJ-A064 Primer


HJ-B004 or HJ-B003 as





data sheet

HJ-A064 *


HJ-551 Topcoat Resin #2C Hardener

1 gal (3.79 liter) 2.5 oz (74ml)

*When mixing HJ-A064B use 5 oz (148ml) of #2C
Hardener per gallon of resin
Handling Properties

Working Time

HJ-A005 / HJ-0461 Basecoat

HJ-0560 Basecoat / HJ-551 Topcoat

50°F (10º C)

60 min

90 min

70°F (21º C)

45 min

1 hr

90°F (32º C)


45 min



HJ-0461/HJ-B003 Basecoat

50°F (10°C)

5 hrs

12-24 hrs

70°F (21°C)

2 hrs

4-8 hrs

90°F (32°C)

1 hr

3-4 hrs

To ensure proper intercoat adhesion, refer to appropriate
basecoat (HJ-0461/HJ-B003) product data sheet for

Time to Place in Service


50°F (10º C) 70°F (21º C) 90°F (32º C)

48 hrs 24 hrs 16 hrs

Product ft2/gal

Store in a cool, dry and covered location away from fire
hazards and direct sunlight. Minimum shelf life at 70° F (21°
C) for each component is indicated below:
HJ-A142 Primer 6 months
HJ-0461 Basecoat 6 months
HJ-0560 Basecoat 3 months
HJ-1717 Topcoat 3 months

Store in cool, dry area [50°- 90° F (10° - 32° C)] away from
direct sunlight, flame or other hazards.
HJ-1717 contains vinyl ester resins and
cumene peroxide catalyst. The product’s components have
been formulated to optimize physical characteristics such as
strength and chemical resistance while minimizing hazardous
physical and health factors encountered during application. A
concerted effort is made to be aware of the latest chemical
toxicological information and to apply this knowledge in a
responsible manner to ensure product safety.
During application of HJ-1317 materials,
always wear gloves and appropriate work clothing to
minimize contact. Ventilation is required with special
consideration for enclosed or confined areas. Air movement
must be designed to insure turnover at all locations in work
area and adjacent areas to avoid buildup of heavy vapors.
Use caution when handling flammable liquids, eliminate
sources of ignition from work area and containers with
residues. Observe safe storage practices by separating
resins from hardeners, by keeping solvents in a cool area,
free of sources of ignition.
Product Material Safety Data Sheets are available and
should be consulted when handling products. These products
are for industrial and professional use only; application
directions must be followed.

Technical and Physical Data


Test standard



Generic Type



vinyl ester


HB 100 rpm



Compressive Strength

ASTM C579-96

Psi (Mpa)

11,000-13,000 (76-90)

Tensile Strength

ASTM C307-94

Psi (Mpa)

2,000-2,500 (14-17)

Taber Abrasion Factor

wheel, 1,000 gm wt., 5,000







Coefficient of Expansion

(in/in/ºF) range: 70ºF to 210ºF (21ºC to

ºF (ºC)

12-15 x 10-6 (7-8 x 10-6)


96ºC) Reinforced, Type H cloth



Electrical Properties Carbon filled

Megger Reading - 3 ft span


0-0,000 (500 to 10,000 typical)




0.0135 @ 125 mils

Flash Point



HJ-695 Topcoat resin



83 F (28)

HJ-695 Basecoat resin



83 F (28 C)




162 F (72 C)




85 F (29 C)

HJ-410 solvent



35 F (2 C)

Service Temperature Limits


°F (°C)



Immersion/condensing fumes (concrete)


180 (82)


Immersion/condensing fumes (steel)


160 (71)


Dry/noncondensing fumes


2 (104)


Splash/spill/rinse (occasional)


250 (121)


Splash/spill/rinse (frequent)


160 (71)

Important Note
The information in this data sheet is not intended to be exhaustive; any person using the product for any purpose other than that specifically recommended in this data sheet without first
obtaining written confirmation from us as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose does so at their own risk. All advice given or statements made about the product (whether in
this data sheet or otherwise) is correct to the best of our knowledge but we have no control over the quality or the condition of the substrate or the many factors affecting the use and application
of the product.


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