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Rubber Soft Touch Coating Textured Coating

1. Introduction

This paint is a two component acrylic coating which formulated to provide adhesion to polypropylene, ABS, phenolic, aluminum and metal surfaces, with good elasticity, smooth feeling and good adhesive force match with the primer.

2. Composition

Polyester polyol resin, organic solvent, paint additives.

3. Features

  1. Excellent adhesion
  2. Excellent scratch and chemical resistance
  3. With the velvet feeling
  4. Excellent temperature resistance (80-100°C) Humidity and liquid resistance, such as MPG (mono propylene glycol), antifreeze liquid, etc.
  5. Resistance to temperature variations (ambient temperature variations and quick and frequent surface variations - from 25°C to 80°C)
  6. Drying fast and easy to use.
  7. With elegant decorative effect.


4. Usage
Home appliances, special decorations, etc.

5. Technical Data





Supply Viscosity

16±2seconds (NO2Iwata cup)

Construction viscosity

8.5-9.5seconds(NO2Iwata cup)

Film thickness


Dry condition






Pencil hardness ASTMD33632


Alcohol resistance

500g/cm2 *200times 95﹪

Rubber abrasion resistance(500g)

Without defect (300times)

Wear resistance


Shelf Life

6 months

5. Mixing and Application:

Reduce to application viscosity of 8.5-9.5seconds by adding recommended thinner Stirring the coating for 5mins, and make sure that the ratio is correct. Stirring the coating with a clean strip completely after mixing.

  1. Surface treatment: remove oil dust and make sure the surface is clean and dry;
  2. Suitable substrate: ABS、PS、HIPS、hardware(use the special primer when spray in the hardware), etc.
  3. Ratio: PIU-71004: LH-7116C: TL-1009=10:1:3
  4. .Filter:300
  5. Method: Air spray.

6. Notes:

  1. Pot life after mixing with hardener (LH-7116C) : 2hrs
  2. The hardener is reactive to the water and the long exposure time o to the air may also cause the quality problem.
  3. Clean up: Thinner TL-1009.


7. Storage:

Store condition: cool dry warehouse(<25℃)
Shelf time: 6 months

8. Cautions:

    • Protect the skin and eyes. Don’t breathe the solvent’s steam. Use the breath protection equipment.
    • If contact the eyes, wash it for at least 15mins with clean water.

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