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Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer

 Shenzhen China Suppliers Products: Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer

Name: Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer
Data Sheet:
specification "DESCRIPTION: Feiyang -409 Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer is a one component fast drying rust inhibiting primer, manufactured for exterior and interior iron or steel. Feiyang -409 meets Federal Specification TT-P-664C. Easy to use, Feiyang -409 is red oxide in color and used in steel fabricating plants or jobsites. ADVANTAGES: Feiyang -409 will air dry, tack-free, in 25 minutes at 75F + 2 and has excellent hiding power. The consistency will prevent settlement during storage and use. Feiyang -409 may be used under enamel or lacquer topcoats without any lifting problems. Feiyang -409 can be applied at a rate of 400 to 500 square feet (40 to 50 square meters) per gallon to a properly prepared surface. For best results, wire brush or sandblast surface to which it is to be applied. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Weight per gallon 11.2 +_ .2 lbs. Color Primer Red Tack Free 75F 25 min. Recoat 2 hours Adhesion Good to clean metal Finish Flat SURFACE PREPARATION: For best performance, apply Feiyang -409 primer to properly prepared surfaces. Surfaces should be dry, free from all dirt, oil, grease, and loose paint. Heavy rust and mill scale must be removed. Where primer has dried for one month or longer, roughen the surface by sanding before top coat is applied. APPLICATION: Stir primer thoroughly until uniform. Feiyang -409 may be applied by roller, brush or spray. Do not apply below 50F. For clean up, use Feiyang -Tool & Equipment Cleaner. For cathodic protection against corrosion, use Feiyang -406 Zinc Rich Primer, and for top coat to produce the best protection, use Feiyang -442 Polyurethane Coating. CAUTION: COMBUSTIBLE: Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Close container after each use."

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