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Silicone Modified Alkyd Enamel


An interior/exterior, high gloss, silicone modified alkyd enamel.
For industrial, commercial and marine use including machinery, piping, structural steel,
marine vessels, storage tank exteriors and power plant equipment. For coating properly
prepared steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, masonry and wood surfaces.
Silicone Yacht Finish offers excellent protection against weather and fumes in
exposures including industrial and marine environments. Offers color and gloss retention
and heat resistance superior to that of other alkyd coatings due to the high silicone content.
Heat resistant up to 400oF.
Available in 12 standard colors as shown on color card and a wide range of colors produced
from tint bases using the Color Studio System. Refer to Color Studio System for color
High Gloss
Nonvolatile - By weight - 63.0 ± 2.0% Average*
By volume - 45.3 ± 1.0% Average*
VOC (Calculated) - 3.57 lbs./gal. Average*
428 grams/liter Average*
Flash Point - >101oF
Weight per gallon - 9.6 ± 0.2 lbs. Average*
*Varies with color.
Recommended Film Thickness per Coat - 1.5 mils dry, 3.3 mils wet
Theoretical Coverage @ 1.5 mils dry - 484 sq. ft./gal.
Method - Brush, roll, conventional and airless spray
Thinner - our recommended thinner
Dry time @ 75oF - To touch - 2 hour
To handle - 8 hours
To recoat - 24 hours
Consists of - 1 Gallon Unit 5 Gallon Unit
Unit Shipping Weight 11 lbs. 51 lbs.
Shelf Life - 12 months minimum from date of manufacture when maintained in protected
storage @ 40-100oF (subject to reinspection thereafter).
Consult for the
protective coating system best suited for your
Limitations: Apply in good weather when air and
surface temperature are above 35oF and surface
temperature is at least 5oF above the dew point. For
optimum application properties, material should be
between 70o to 100oF prior to mixing and application.
Maintain unmixed material in closed containers in
protected storage at 40 - 100oF.
Surface Preparation - Good surface preparation is
essential to a satisfactory coating system. Surfaces to
be coated should be clean and dry. Remove all oil
grease, mildew or other contamination by solvent or
detergent cleaning or other effective means.
New or Unfinished Surfaces - Wood: Remove sap
with mineral spirits. Sand smooth. Exterior, prime with
Silicone Finish thinned 10%. Interior, prime
with Silicone Finish thinned 10% or
Enamel Undercoat and Wood Sealer,
19-8. Ferrous Metal: Remove rust by “Hand or Power
Tool Cleaning” (SSPC-SP2 or -SP3). 10-series. Galvanized Metal: Remove oil
and prime with PrymallTM Metallic Zinc Gray Primer
9-86. Masonry: Must be fully cured, dry and clean.
Allow a minimum of 30 days cure time before coating.
If surface is chalky, power wash to remove chalk . If surface is sound without
chalk, prime with 100% Acrylic
Latex Primer, 6-6. Aluminum: Clean and
etch with phosphoric acid based cleaning solution.
Rinse well and allow to dry.
Previously Finished Surfaces - Repair all damaged
areas. Remove gloss from previous paint by sanding or
“Brush Blasting” (SSPC-SP7) Remove rust, corrosion
products, heavy chalk and loose or peeling paint by
“Hand or Power Tool Cleaning” (SSPC-SP2 or -SP3).
Spot prime any bare areas as in new work above. If
doubt exists concerning compatibility of this coating
with the previous system, apply coating to a
representative area (25 square feet minimum) and allow
to cure and age several weeks. Then inspect for
adhesion failure, wrinkling, lifting, blistering or any other
sign of incompatibility. If there are no signs, coating
work can proceed.

These Tint Bases may be short filled to allow for the
addition of colorant. Actual coverage will depend on the
amount of colorant added and should be taken into
consideration when ordering. Some colors may require
more than one coat for complete hiding.
Mixing: This is a one component coating. Always mix
thoroughly with a power agitator before application.
Thinning: Thinning is not recommended. Clean Air
Regulations may not allow thinning of this product for
certain uses. Do not thin beyond applicable regulations.
Application: Apply by brush, roller or conventional or
airless spray. Roller application may require special
care to prevent bubbling and more than one coat to
obtain proper film thickness. Apply at 3.3 mils wet film
thickness which will yield 1.5 mils dry film thickness.
Equipment: Brush - Use a good quality bristle brush.
Cleanup: Clean all equipment immediately after use
with 75-1 or mineral spirits. Completely flush
all spray equipment with either of these solvents.
Occasional flushing of spray equipment during the
course of the working day helps prevent buildup and
possible clogging.
Safety: Safe storage, handling and use dictate that
adequate health and safety precautions be observed
with this product and any recommended thinners.
Notice: The technical data contained herein are true
and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Published
technical data and instructions are subject to change
without prior notice.


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