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Single Component Industrial Maintenance Primer


HJ-999 Primer is a single component industrial
maintenance product utilized to enhance the adhesion
of HJ-999 products.
HJ-999 Primer is designed to promote adhesion of
new HJ-999 products to weathered or aged
HJ-999 products.
HJ-999 Primer revitalizes and conditions weathered
urethane coatings prior to reapplication.
Application temperature shall be above 40°F. Do not
apply over tar or silicone based products. Do not apply
over damp surfaces or when rain is imminent.
400–500 sq. ft./gal.
All surfaces are to be free of dirt, grease, oil, chalk, loose
paint, rust, mortar, and other foreign matter, which
could prevent proper adhesion. This is best
accomplished by power washing or utilizing a stiff
broom. All surfaces must be completely dry prior to the
application of HJ-999 Primer.
HJ-999 Primer may be applied by brush, roller or
spray. Allow to cure approximately 30 minutes or until
material is dry and tacky. HJ-999 Primer must be top
coated before it has cured hard. If material is allowed to
dry completely, it will be necessary to apply an
additional coat.
Refer to appropriate application specification for further
HJ-999 Primer is designed to be top coated with a
Powdered Metals urethane system. It is
recommended that the coating installation be checked
on a regular schedule with additional inspections after
the system has been exposed to severe weather
conditions. Small area touch-up can be made at any
time by following the recommended application
Technical Services
Technical advice or service on suitability of material for
specific application and end-use requirements is
available from the manufacturer. Refer to label and
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for precautionary


Weight per Gallon (ASTM D 1475) 7.5 lbs.

Solids by Weight

12% ± 1%

Viscosity @ 77°F (ASTM D 562)

24–32 CPS

Dry Time

30 minutes

Flashpoint (ASTM D 3278)


Clean Up

Thinner #1 or




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