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Single Component Penetrating Corrsion Inhibitor


HJ-0180 is single component penetrating corrosion inhibitor developed to combat crevice corrosion and packrust.
Generic Type
Single-component RMCI (Reactive Metal Corrosion Inhibitor) compound.
Recommended Uses
For areas that cannot usually be reached such as joints, overlaps and bolted areas. Extremely effective at inhibiting
pack-rust and/or crevice corrosion. . Generally used on:
• Bridges • Transmission Towers
• Marine & Offshore above waterline • Pipelines
• Structural Steel • Suspension Cables
Physical Properties

Volume Solids


Tack-Free Time


Specific Gravity

0.89 kg/L (7.4 lb/Gal)

Color & Finish

Tan liquid

Recommended Minimum DFT

Varies with application


< 30 cP

Theoretical Coverage @ 125mm (5 mils)

Varies with application


637 g/L (5.3 lb/Gal)

Preparation / Application Procedures
Spot repairs of failed connections: Remove excessive dirt and contaminants. Open connections with a sharp
object to allow the HJ-0180 to penetrate thoroughly. All surfaces to be coated must be cleaned using 5,000
psi high-pressure water cleaning with a zero degree rotating tip with a 100-125 to 1 solution of
Chloride Salt Remover (or approved alternate). All cleaned areas should then be blown out with clean
dry high-pressure air (100 PSI) to insure moisture has been removed.
Product Application
Thoroughly wet out all connections, crevices, cables, back-to-back angles, tube interiors and areas to be protected
with HJ-0180 and allow minimum 4 hours before applying top coats.
HJ-0180 should not be applied at temperatures below 180C (650F) and with a steel temperature not less then
180C (650F).
Note: For specific application procedures, please consult your Coatings representative or distributor and
DO NOT commence product application before referring to specific HJ-0180 Product Application Procedures
Treat as flammable liquid - Flashpoint 400C (1040F). Keep away from heat, open flame and sparks. Avoid contact
with skin and eyes. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor. Read label instructions carefully and refer to Material
Safety Data Sheet supplied. This product is for industrial use only and is not intended for use in or around a
household or dwelling.
The Manufacturer warrants the product to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The seller’s sole obligation and
Buyer’s exclusive remedy in connection with the products shall be limited, at the seller’s option, to either replacement of products
not conforming to this warranty or credit to Buyer’s account in the invoiced amount of the nonconforming products.


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