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Solvent-borne Self-curing Inorganic Zinc Silicate Coating



Composition Self curing, inorganic zinc primer. The coating consists of a basic zinc silicate complex. Liquid
base and zinc filler are mixed prior to application. our ZINC SILICATE is recognised as an
applicator friendly, problem free product.
Uses and
An inorganic zinc base coating that protects steel galvanically, eliminating sub film corrosion. Will
not undercut if coating is scored. Has outstanding application properties and can be applied at the
recommended film thickness in one coat. our ZINC SILICATE is recoatable with itself.
our ZINC SILICATE is usually used as a single coat protection of steel structures in weathering
exposure and as a base coat for organic and inorganic topcoats in more aggressive environments.
Suitable for internal and external coating of storage tanks containing fuels and organic solvents. It
has many uses as a maintenance primer, with or without topcoats, depending on exposure. Used
widely in chemical plants, paper mills, refineries and coastal or salt atmospheres including offshore
structures. NOTE: Not recommended for direct exposure to mild acids or alkalis without a suitable
topcoat. In highly acidic or alkali exposure not recommended.
our ZINC SILICATE can be applied as a two coat system (Total DFT 150-0 μm), providing
very long term exterior durability. It may also be applied to 100-150 μm DFT where a single coat
system is required but with increased service life.

Steel Industry - Paper Industry - Power Industry - Oil Industry - Chemical Industry - Food
and Beverage Industry - Marine and Industrial Environment - Mining Industry - Warehousing
Typical Systems Substrate Surface Preparation Typical Systems dft mm
Service �
Class 2½ blast cleaning
according to AS 1627.4 for long
term life in mild environment or
medium life in severe
1st Coat: our ZINC SILICATE
2nd Coat: our ZINC SILICATE
Single Coat: HJ-12AB ZINC
For long life in severe or very
severe environment, Class 2½
blast cleaning.
1st Coat: our ZINC SILICATE
2nd/3rd Coats: Honest coat 11

For medium life in severe
environment or long life in
moderate environment Class 2½
or better blast clean or acid
descale AS 1627.5 .
1st Coat: our ZINC SILICATE
2nd Coat: HJ-85A
3rd Coat: HJ-845

� Rust grades C or D of A.S.1627.9 cannot be satisfactorily blast cleaned.
Alternative epoxy coatings such as Honest coat 11 may be suitable.
� When overcoating solvent borne inorganic zinc coatings with HB epoxies check that they are
fully cured.
� Alternative topcoats may be suitable depending on exposure environment
� Alternative MIO coatings such as HJ-241 may be used.

General Data Weathering Finish Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance Immersion Temperature Range Colour Topcoating Shelf Life

Resistant to most solvents. Not resistant to acids or alkalies. Good. Increases with age. AS1511 Coefficient of friction 0.477 (75-130 mm films) Good in salt and fresh water . Refer Honest joy Technical Support for system. Up to 400ºC (dry heat). Intermittent exposure up to 427ºC Metallic Grey. Epoxy, polyurethane and iso-free acrylic. May be topcoated with alkyd coatings providing an unsaponifiable barrier coat (such as HJ-373) is first applied. 12 months if stored in sealed containers away from heat or moisture.

Application Data Theoretical Coverage Solids Drying time (@ 25ºC) Pot Life (@ 25ºC) Mixing Mix Ratio Thinners Equipment Safety Precautions

7.8 sq. metres per litre at 75 mm dry film thickness. (Wet film thickness 130 μm). Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be considered when estimating requirements. Equivalent to 58% by volume (theoretical). Zinc in dry film 85% by weight Surface dry 10-15 minutes. Recoat after 48 hours at 25°C and 70% R.H. Will cure at temperatures down to -5ºC. Where humidity is low, it may be necessary to promote curing by applying a light intermittent water spray to the coated surface after allowing to dry for 1 hr @ 25ºC. May be recoated with itself for up to 10 days. . 6-8 hours, (50% R.H.). Less at higher temperatures NOTE: The figures quoted for pot life and drying/curing times are dependent on site conditions such as ambient and steel temperatures, weather and ventilation. Mix as supplied, slowly adding zinc filler into liquid base with continuous mechanical agitation. Mix until free of lumps. Pour mixture through a 30 mesh screen before using. 1/1.77 Liquid / Filler by weight. The use of complete packs only is recommended. Up to 10% Thinner HJ-661 in cool weather, Thinner HJ-0098 for hot windy conditions. Conventional Spray Application: Use pressure fed spray gun fluid tip, air cap set up, or equivalent with 75 psi atomising pressure and air agitated pot pressure of psi, according to length of material line used. Airless Spray Application: Use pneumatic airless pump confirmed by manufacturer as suitable for inorganic zinc. Use a 0.017 – 0.021” tip with a 2500 psi atomising pressure. Suitable for brush and roller onto small areas only. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. The use of gloves is recommended. Contents are flammable. Keep away from naked flames. When applying by spray, users must comply with relevant spray painting regulations and wear appropriate respirator to avoid inhaling vapours and spray mist. Material Safety Data Sheet is available and should be consulted.


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