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Solventborne Silicone Coating


HJ-3312 is a high temperature aluminum solventborne
silicone coating that provides excellent corrosion
resistance on metal substrates. HJ-3312 will dry
tack free at room temperature in about minutes
to 5B hardness. After the coating has been heated it
will have a 9H hardness.
• Heat stability to 10°F (648.89°C)
• 600 hour salt spray resistance-after heating
• 9H pencil hardness-after heating
• 0 double rub MEK resistance with no effect
-after heating
• Brilliant aluminum appearance
• No hard settling of aluminum
• Heat resistance from 400-10°F (4-649°C) for
a prolonged period
• Low VOC
• Automotive industry
• Power generation
• Aviation
• Off shore drilling, etc
HJ-3312 should be thoroughly mixed prior to use.
Apply by spray or dip.




Aluminum liquid

Dry time (tack-free)

min. at 0.5-1.0 mil


(12.5 to 25 microns)-Ambient air

Dry Film Thickness

.5-1.0 mil (12.5-25 microns)

Wet Film Thickness

.8-1.6 mils (-40 microns)

Pencil hardness

5B - Ambient Cure


9H - Cured @ 500ºF (260ºC)

MEK Resistance

0 Double Rubs - After heating


8.4-8.8 lb/gal


(1.01-1.06 kg/l)

Solids Wt.

58-62% at 230°F (110°C)

Solids Volume

54-56% at 230°F (110°C)


250 to 1000 cps at 6 RPM


2.571 lbs/gal (0.31 kg/l)

ASTM D-2485-91: Standard Test Methods for evaluating
coatings for High Temperature Service
(Method A and B) (After heating)
Pac kaging
HJ-3312 is available in 5 gallon (19 liter) metal pails,
and 55 gallon (8 liter) metal drums. Keep this package
from freezing.


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