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Sprayable Aromatic Polyurea

 Shenzhen China Suppliers Products: Sprayable Aromatic Polyurea

Name: Sprayable Aromatic Polyurea
Data Sheet:
specification "DESCRIPTION: Feiyang -640 Sprayable Aromatic Polyurea is a two component spray applied polyurea. It dries in seconds to provide a tough chemical and abrasion resistant surface. This reaction is very fast, proceeding to completion without any catalysts. Typically, working times (""gel times"") are less than 30 seconds.This fast reaction, of course, requires a fast, efficient mixing technique so that the mixture can be applied within the short gel times. Impingement mixing from available two-component spray machinery is efficient and entirely adequate. ADVANTAGES: Fast cure. Minimal downtime. May be walked on within 60 seconds. Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. 100% solids, no VOC, low odor Seamless and waterproof Resistant to many chemicals Flexible: will bridge cracks High thermal stability of temperatures up to 350F. Unlimited DFT in a single application. Cures from -20F to 225F PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Finish Semi-Gloss Color Custom colors available upon request (It should be noted that aromatic polyureas such as Feiyang -644CR may undergo a color change over time.) Gray, Black, Tan Volume Solids 100% VOC 0 Mix Ratio 1A : 1B by volume 1.08/1.00 by weight Drying Properties @ 30 mils wet @ 73 F and 50% RH Gel time, sec 30 Surface at 60 sec Dry Cured Properties Shore D Hardness 43 Tensile strength, psi 2200 Elongation, % 200 Tear strength, pli 360 Flexural modulus, psi @ 77F 100 @ -20F 56,200 CS-17 wheels < 2 mg H-18 wheels 45. Mg MVT, perms at 30 dry mils 0.061 Water absorption, % wt. Gain (immersion for 24 hrs. @ 25C) 1.5 Adhesion, Elcometer Concrete, unprimed 300 psi Concrete, primed 600 psi Adhesion, steel 1000 psi SURFACE PREPARATION: Contact Fox Industries, Inc. Technical Representative for detailed surface preparation guideline requirements. Each individual application or installation is unique. General surface preparations guidelines: Steel: Immersion Service: Minimum SSPC-SP10, Near-White blast cleaning. Non-Immersion Service: Minimum SPC-SP10, Near White blast cleaning Concrete: Allow new concrete to cure 28 days. Abrasive blast all concrete and refer to SSPC-SP13/NACE 6 Standard. Concrete must be clean, dry and sound with a sufficient profile. Galvanized and other substrates (Geotextile applications): Surface preparation will vary depending on exposure. Consult with a Honest Joy Technical Representative for specific guidelines or instructions. APPLICATION: Specialized plural component spray equipment is needed. Please consult with Honest Joy for proper equipment procedures and information. Use only heated plural component equipment capable of producing 2000 to 3000 psi and 2 gallons per minute output consistency with approximate material heaters. Maintain temperature at a range of 140F to 160F. A 50% overlay on each spray pass of the gun is recommended to avoid holidays, pinholes and achieve consistent film thicknesses. A cross hatch spray pattern is strongly encouraged. RECOMMENDED THICKNESS: Normally used at film thicknesses of 50 mils (32 SF/gallon). However, thickness, if desired, can be up to 100 mils (15 SF/gallon). Recommendations will vary with substrates and service conditions. PACKAGING: Feiyang -640 is packaged as a 10 gallon and 110 gallon units. SHELF LIFE: Six (6) months minimum when stored at 75F and dry conditions. STORAGE: Feiyang -640 MUST BE STORED IN a dry, well protected and suitable storage environment WITH TEMPERATURE BETWEEN 60 and 85F. Protect from freezing. SAFETY: Refer to MSDS sheet prior to use. CAUTION: Contains organic isocyanates MDI. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not ingest. Keep away from foodstuffs and wash thoroughly before smoking or eating. Should skin contact occur, wash skin well with soap and water. Should eye contact occur, flush thoroughly for at least 15 minutes with water. Get medical attention."

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