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is 100% stitchbonded, polyester fabric
that offers an unusual combination of high strength
properties with good elongation for excellent resistance
against thermal stress.
coatings as a maintenance overlayment for smooth
surfaces, embedded gravel surfaces, and single ply roofs.
is also used in conjunction with
HONESTROOF Patching Cement, HONESTROOF Tar Patch,
The Acrylic Sealer, The Seam Sealer
and HJ-999 Seam Sealer for flashing, seam,
penetration, and other detail repairs.
polyester fabric will not rot as it ages and
it is resistant to moisture.
Application temperature shall be above 40°F. Do not
apply when rain is imminent. Not to be directly
embedded into or coated with any
One roll of will cover:
40” × 324′ 1,101 sq. ft. (gross) (11.0 squares)
A single overlayment with:
4” overlap 972 sq. ft. (net) (9.7 squares)
Weight per Sq. Yd 3 oz.
Weight per Roll lbs.
Elongation (ASTM D 1682) 61.65% avg.*
Tensile (ASTM D 1682) 51.1 lbs. avg.*
Mullen Burst (ASTM D 3786) 176.8 lbs.
Trapezoid (ASTM D 1117) 16.1 lbs. avg.*
(Tear Strength)
Mildew & Rot Resistance Excellent
Refer to the following Product Data Sheets and/or
substrate specific general guideline specifications for
complete application information:

It is recommended that the coating installation
be checked on a regular schedule with additional
inspections after the system has been exposed to severe
weather conditions. Recoating or small area touch-up
can be made at any time by following recommended
application procedures.
Technical Services
Technical advice or service on suitability of material for
specific application and end-use requirements is
available from the manufacturer. Refer to label and
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for precautionary


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