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Ultra Grip Primer is a surface tolerant, reinforced inorganic zinc primer. It provides superior adhesion and cathodic corrosion protection.

Product Features

Gives cathodic corrosion protection

Formulated for use where high impact resistance is required

High solids formulation

No induction time required

Theoretical Solids Content:
Volume: 58%
Shelf Life*
Component A: (3) years
Component B: (1) year
*For unopened product.
Pot Life of Mixed Product:
10 Hours @ 77°F (25°C) and 50% RH

Ultra Grip Primeprovides superior adhesion, impact resistance and cathodic corrosion protection over a wide variety of ferrous surfaces. It is specially formulated to fill a sandblast profile in one coat.

Surface Preparation
Commercial sandblasting or machine sanding with 40 grit sandpaper is acceptable for most applications.

Mixing Ratio
5 parts by volume of component A
1 part by volume of component B
The recommended temperature when mixed is -25°C (68-77°F).

Environmental Conditions
For optimum coating performance product, substrate and ambient temperature should be between °C-25°C* (68°F-77°F). To prevent condensation during application the surface temperature must be 3°C (5°F) or more above the dew point at all times.

Spraying Viscosity

18 Seconds 40 Seconds


Conventional Airless

Spray Gun Setup

Feed Type

Fluid Tip

Application Pressures
( heel of gun )

Fluid Delivery

Siphon Feed

1.6-1.8 mm

40-50 psi


Gravity Feed

1.6-1.8 mm

30-40 psi


Pressure Feed

1.4-1.8 mm

50-60 psi

12-16 oz/min

Air Assist Airless

9-17 Thou

1,000-1,800 psi



15-17 Thou

1,700-3,000 psi


Application Method
Ultra Grip Primecan be applied using most spray painting systems, although electrostatic sprayers are not recommended. Under normal conditions, it has a topcoat window of 3-72 hours.

Recommended Film Build Thickness and Cover Rate
Ultra Grip Primehas a recommended film build thickness of 2.5 - 5.0 mils dry (62.5 - 125 microns).
Theoretical coverage at 1.0 mil (25 microns) DFT: 928 ft² per gallon @ 100% transfer efficiency.

Drying Time*

°C (68°F)

30°C (86°F)

40°C (104°F)


3 Hours

2 hours

1-2 Hours

Full Cure

7-9 Days

5-6 Days

3-4 Days

* Subject to ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) and good airflow.


Solvent resistance

ASTM D4752

50 MEK rubs; NO failure

Impact resistance

ASTM D2794

40 in. lbs; NO failure



3/8 mandrel bend; NO failure


For VOC amounts please refer to the product MSDS


Clean Up
high strength gun wash, epoxy reducer

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