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Honest 288 is a new generation powder coating with good exterior durability and mechanical toughness. It is
available in a variety of colours and gloss levels as well as selected textures, ripples and hammer finishes.
Features Benefits
High transfer efficiency Increased first pass transfer
Low cure Cost savings on energy or increased line speeds
Film integrity Long intact life of coating
Tough polyester Hard wearing/serviceable finish
No solvents or emissions Less waste and pollution to the environment
TGIC free Reduced risk to health
Honest 288 was developed primarily for use on extruded aluminium, including window and door joinery, and
extruded aluminium panel work on residential and light commercial buildings.
Performance Guide
Weather Good resistance to weathering.
Suitable for outdoor
Salt Spray 1000 hours on pre-treated
Heat Good resistance to 1°C
continuous service conditions.
Humidity Good resistance to 38°C/100%
humidity for 1000 hours on
pre-treated aluminium.
Acid Resistant to spills of dilute acid.
Avoid contact.
Abrasion Very good resistance to
Alkali Resistant to spills of dilute Pencil Hardness Min H
alkali. Avoid contact. Hardness Average 15
Flexibility Excellent > 160 inch/lb Cross Hatch
No removal
Chemical Resistance
Mortar Resistant White Spirits Resistant
Ethanol Resistant Xylene Slight softening/limit contact
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Softens/avoid contact Ethyl Acetate Softens/avoid contact
Product Guide
Colour A wide range of stock and made to order
solid colours
Specific gravity 1.3 - 1.7 @ colour
Gloss Level 25 - 98% at 60°, as required Shelf life 12 months when stored below
30°C/dry conditions
Application Data
Application Method Electrostatic spray.
Clean Up Dust or vacuum loose powder. Avoid use of compressed air.
Cure Schedule Metal Temperature (°C) Time (minutes)
210 6
0 8
180 10
Cured Film Thickness Recommended: 80 μm
Range: 50 – 1 μm
Theoretical spreading rate at recommended film thickness
A spreading rate of 8 - 10m2/kg corresponds to 80μm cured film thickness assuming no loss. Practical spreading rates
will vary due to such factors as method and conditions of application and surface profile and texture.
Application Guide
Surface Preparation
Surfaces should be prepared according to appropriate standards .
All surfaces should be degreased and pre-treated for optimal performance. Suitable pre-treatment includes:
Aluminium Yellow chromate or green chromate/phosphate .
Application Procedure and Equipment
1a) For fluidised bed, ensure uniform fluidisation of powder. Fluidised powder should resemble “simmering liquid”.
Aged or compacted powder may require pre-conditioning for several minutes to fluidise evenly.
1b) For box feeders, ensure probe is fully inserted in powder and operated as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. Apply by electrostatic spray.
3. Cure as per recommendations outlined above. Care should be exercised when stoving temperatures are in excess
of 2°C as these high temperatures may affect the appearance and film integrity of the finish.
4. Test for cure of the coating by contact with a drop of solvent for
30 seconds. Surface should be wiped dry and immediately checked for softening. Only slight surface softening
should occur.
Care and Maintenance
As a general rule, cleaning of externally located powder coating surfaces must take place every six months. Where
salts/pollutants are more prevalent such as seaside and industrial areas, a cleaning program should be carried out more
1. Remove loose deposits with a wet sponge (avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting).
2. Using a soft clean cloth and a mild detergent in warm water, clean the powder coating to remove dust, salt or other
3. Always rinse after cleaning with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent.
WARNING: In some cases, strong solvents recommended for thinning various types of paints and also for cleaning up
mastics/sealants are harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface. These solvents should not be used for
cleaning purposes. If paint splashes or sealants/mastics need to be removed then the following solvents can be used
safely: Methylated Spirits, Turpentine, White Spirits, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropanol
Health and Safety
The MSDS is an integral part of using this product as it contains information on the potential health effect of exposure,
personal protective equipment needed and other relevant SH&E information.

Precautions and Limitations
�� Some strong, bold colours may not meet performance criteria for weathering (colour change), refer tus before specifying.
�� As a result of possible wide application variations and stoving conditions, some products and colours may show
variation between us prepared samples and production applied material. Therefore, it is
the applicator and/or their customer’s responsibility to ensure the product conforms to their requirements.
�� For optimum performance ensure recommended dry film thickness is obtained
�� Not recommended for use in highly corrosive environments such as severe marine or industrial locations.
�� Not recommended for components which are exposed to constant temperatures exceeding 1°C.
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