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Thermo transfer printing

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Name: Thermo transfer printing
Data Sheet:
Thermotransfer printing is relatively well-developed printing techniques. This technique has mainly two procedures: transferring film printing and transferring processing. Transferring film printing: It adopts net-dot printing (>300 DPI), in which process the designs and patterns are at first printed on the film. It is environment-friendly, which completely meets the international non-toxic standard. Besides, the design printed on the products turns out to be of plentiful gradations, brilliant colors, as well as little chromo aberration and good reproducibility. It can achieve required effectiveness of the designers and is suitable for massive Transferring processing: Via one processing in the thermotransfer machine (heating and pressurization), the fine patterns on the film are transferred onto the surface of the products, where well-formed printing ink dissolves into the surface and becomes a part of it. Designs produced in this way can have a lifelike effect, and the bright colors on the products are quite adhesive and durable, which will never fade. In the mean time, this method is also low-cost in processing. Thermotransfer have a great decorative value, which increases the added value substantially. It can be applied to the plane or regular curved surface of all kinds of materials such as plastic, rubber, wood, metal, glasses, etc. it also can applied to the industries of cosmetic, tool, electrical appliance, building material, gift, foods package, stationary, and daily necessities.

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