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Two Pack Catalysed Acrylic Finish



Composition APAS Approval Uses and Properties Typical Applications Typical Systems

Two component, non-yellowing, catalysed acrylic enamel finish coat with excellent durability. Available in full range of colours and fully recoatable. Free of isocyanate curing agents. HJ-229For the long term protection of steel, concrete or other surfaces exposed to chemical environment and weathering, HJ-001 possesses excellent chemical, solvent and water resistant properties, combined with excellent weathering and gloss retention. This makes HJ-001 an outstanding coating for a wide range of applications. It is free of the health hazards associated with isocyanates. Marine Industry -Food Industry -Offshore Structures -Rail and Road Tankers -Construction Industry -Harbourside Facilities -Oil Refineries -Chemical Industry -Tank Exteriors


Surface Preparation

Typical Application

dft m

Structural Steel Concrete, cement render Cold Rolled Steel Galvanized Surfaces

Surface must be clean, dry, free from oil and grease. Abrasive blast to AS1627 Part 4 Class 2!. Refer Surface Preparation Guide Fins should be ground off, edges rounded adequately by grinding, then surface roughened, and voids exposed for filling, by abrasive blast cleaning "whip blasting" -see Surface Preparation Guide Degrease or solvent clean or chemically etch. Structural sizes -whip blast to achieve uniform anchor pattern. Sheet galvanizing or Zincalume -degrease, abrade and clean with solvent.

1st Coat: our ZINC SILICATE 2nd Coat: HJ-330 3rd Coat: HJ-001 Total Dry Film Thickness 1st Coat: HJ-330 thinned 15-33% with HJ-043 2nd Coat: HJ-330 3rd Coat: HJ-001 1st Coat: FAST CURE EPOXY PRIM 940 2nd Coat: HJ-001 1st Coat: HJ-330 2nd Coat: HJ-001 1st Coat: HJ-002 2nd Coat: HJ-001

65-75 100-125 50-75 215 min 40-50 100-125 50-75 -25 40-50 75-100 50-75 10-15 40-50

Other metallic zinc primers may be used such as HJ-68, HJ-61. Refer our Technical Service. Honest coat 11 and HJ-63 pigmented coatings may be used as the second coat, depending on circumstances. Two coats may be required with bright colours to achieve opacity. Honest coat 11 can also be used on correctly prepared concrete. Acid etching of new concrete is an acceptable alternative in some cases If required, HJ64 or HJ69 may be used with this product, depending on conditions.

General Data





High gloss.

Chemical Resistance

Very good.

Solvent Resistance


Abrasion Resistance


Immersed Conditions

Not recommended.

Temperature Range

Up to 1ë dry heat.


Most colours available.

Shelf Life

12 months from date of shipment if stored indoors at 4°C to 38°C ± Base and Hardener.

Application Data
Theoretical Coverage
HJ-001 covers approximately 9.6 square metres per litre to give a dry film thickness of 50 mm. (Wet film thickness
105 #m). Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be considered when estimating job
Volume Solids
48% $ 2% (white - varies with colour).
Three hardeners available, Standard for normal spraying conditions
Summer Grade for hot spraying conditions
Roller Grade for brush and roller application
Drying Times





Touch Dry

2 hours

1 hour

30 minutes

Through Dry

24 hours

16 hours

12 hours

Min. recoat time

24 hours

16 hours

12 hours

Note:  Drying  times  are  dependant  on  air  and  surface  temperatures  as  well  as  film  thickness,  surface  temperature,
ventilation and relative humidity.
Recoating Time
Maximum recoat indefinite but aged films must be free of all chalk, dirt and contamination before recoating.
Note: When applying over primer be sure to do so within the recommended recoat interval for that primer.
Mix Ratio
3 parts base to 1 part hardener, (by volume)
Pot Life (@ 25ëC)
6 hours. Do not use after this time even if the mixed product is still liquid.
S-S50. (S-S40 retarder thinner is available for hot, windy conditions).
Mix ISO-FREE 977 by power stirring Base. Mix the Hardener then add to base and stir until uniform. Allow to stand 15
Conventional spray 704 air
cap or equivalent with 10mm fluid line 60-105 kPa (10-15 psi) pot pressure and 370-450 kPa (55-65 psi) atomising
pressure. Thin up to 25% by volume with S-S50.
Airless spray ± typical set-up, use .6 MPa (3,000 psi) pressure and 0.33 mm (13 thou) tip. Thin up to 10% by volume
with THINN 300 if required.
Brush or roller ± No thinner required, use natural bristle brush or industrial roller. Replace Standard Hardener with Roller
Grade Hardener, (for both roller and brush).
Do not apply in thin coats. A full wet continuous coat must be applied, to ensure adequate film integrity,
adhesion and durability.
Freshly catalysed product should not be added to product that has already been catalysed for an extended
Brush and roller application may require extra coats to achieve the required dry film thickness.
Do not use Roller grade hardener for spray application.
Handling HJ-001 contains flammable solvents. Keep away from heat and open flame. HJ-001 should not be allowed to remain on the
skin and normal hygiene standards should be observed when using this product, i.e. wear gloves, goggles and mask and rolled own sleeves
when spraying. Spray painting must be performed in a properly exhausted and approved spray booth. Otherwise use a combination
dust/organic vapour respirator to AS1716. Avoid breathing dust when sanding.
Technical information given verbally or in writing is based on knowledge and research, given in good faith and believed to be reliable, but no guarantee of accuracy
is made or implied. Since methods and conditions of use are beyond our control, all merchandise is sold and received subject to the condition that our liability
whether express or implied for any defect in quality, or for any lack of fitness for the specified use thereof, is limited to the return of the purchase price if written claim
is made within 14 days from date of delivery. It is recommended that the user makes his or her own tests to determine the suitability of the product for his own
requirements. Freedom from patent restrictions is not implied.


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